Legends Highlights: Post-Isle of Madness Edition!

Our story expansion, Isle of Madness, is here! Over the past few weeks, we’ve begun seeing how the 55 new collectible cards from the expansion have impacted the metagame and what cool new combos they enable.

In today’s article, we’ll be showing off three of our favorite fan-submitted Legends Highlights featuring exciting combinations and occurrences from Isle of Madness cards.

TheLittleJamie’s Spoder Heresy

Heretic Conjurer has become one of the more popular combo cards to come out of Isle of Madness, and TheLittleJamie’s Crusader deck from this clip shows us how to take advantage of it.

TESL TheLittleJamie in-body

In this game, Jamie successfully uses Quicksilver Crossbow to trigger Heretic Conjurer’s Pilfer ability - meaning every other creature summoned that turn will turn into a random Daedra! With a hand full of 0-cost Nord Firebrands, it’s time to flood the board… and when one of the Daedra turns out to be a certain Legendary spider, things get even crazier.

TimNoonan’s Dawnfang One-Turn-Kill

We’ve seen crazy highlights involving Ring of Namira before but this is the first to utilize a brand-new Isle of Madness card: Dawnfang!

Dawnfang’s ability (before it changes into Duskfang) gains the user five health when the creature it’s attached to Slays. How do you get your creatures to Slay a bunch of other creatures? Unstoppable Rage, of course! After attaching Dawnfang on a creature with a great set-up for Unstoppable Rage, all that life gain was able to turn right into direct damage to TimNoonan’s opponent thanks to Ring of Namira, leading to an explosive victory.

GicaForta’s Mad Unite the Houses Victory

Gates of Madness is one of those iconic cards that really embodies the expansion it’s found in. Transforming your deck into random cards is a risky move, but one that GicaForta was fortunately prepared to make!

In this video, draws Unite the Houses, one of the few cards able to grant an instant victory. Now, he just needs to find a way to assemble all the five attributes on the board. Naturally he plays not one, but two copies of Gates of Madness, puts his faith in the top card of his deck and you’ve just got to see the rest!

That’s it for this edition of Legends Highlights! Have a stunning play of your own? Upload your clip using the #LegendsHighlights hashtag and you may just earn yourself a shout-out!