The Elder Scrolls: Legends 2.3 Patch Notes

The latest update to The Elder Scrolls: Legends is here! Check out all the changes below:

Card Expansion

Introducing the FrostSpark Collection – a promotional set of all-new cards for The Elder Scrolls: Legends! These featured cards augment a wide variety of deck archetypes with interesting and unusual game interactions. The FrostSpark Collection features playsets of 11 exciting cards:

TESL Piercing Twilight in-body EN

TESL Shadowmarking in-body EN

TESL Wilds Incarnate in-body EN

TESL Death Hound in-body EN

TESL Green Pact Ambusher in-body EN

TESL Apex Wolf in-body EN

TESL Sword Inferno in-body EN

TESL Torval Extortionist in-body EN

TESL Destruction Tutor in-body EN

TESL Karthspire in-body EN

TESL Harmony in-body EN

Card Art

  • Premium art fixes and adjustments:
    o Bolvyn Venim
    o Risen Dead
    o Grand Melee Lightning Bolt
    o Grand Melee Piercing Javelin
    o Valentine's Day Grisly Gourmet

Animation, Audio and Visual Effects

  • Added a new animation when cards attack straight across the board.
  • Fixed an issue where large power-slam animations were sometimes interrupted before hitting the playmat.
  • Fixed an issue causing creatures to sink into the playmat during lane moves.
  • New quests now have accompanying visual effects and sound.
  • Male High Elf avatars now play the proper audio when emoting.
  • The Arena Announcer no longer interrupts game play audio during a match and should now be localized in all languages.
  • The Forgotten Hero, Chapter 20: Naarafin’s dialogue is now properly triggered when breaking Naarafin’s second to last rune.
  • Cards that discard or draw/banish from the discard pile should now properly present that card to the opponent.
  • Cards drawn to hand, discarded from hand, and Prophecy cards should animate more smoothly.
  • Polished audio for Prophecy draws and Lightning Bolt.
  • Added audio for gaining health from Drain. Known issue- this sound will sometimes play even when master audio is muted.
  • Added audio for the card dissolve when a player’s hand is full.
  • The visual effects of Winter’s Grasp and Frostscale Dragon now play only in the lanes they affect.
  • Mass Soul Trap now has a visual effect.
  • Many special lanes now properly show a visual effect when triggering.
  • Return to Clockwork City, Episode 4, The Betrayal: now has the appropriate memory haze effect and intro text.
  • Fixed audio on numerous cards in multiple languages.


  • Creatures transformed in the Shadow Lane no longer gain cover again.
  • Opponent avatar now has a larger targeting area.
  • Creatures stolen by Mecinar's Will can now attack as normal on their next turn.
  • Galyn the Shelterer can no longer target the opponent's hand.
  • Ascended Sleeper no longer shows the opponent how many creatures’ costs it has reduced in Play History.
  • Mulligan timer is now correctly represented.
  • War Cry can no longer be played in an opponent’s lane.
  • Staff of Sparks now works properly when equipped on a creature with Lethal.
  • Large Charge creatures (6+ power) should no longer have a significant delay before they can attack after being summoned.
  • A Blighted Alit with Drain will no longer kill its owner with its “start of turn” ability.
  • AI should now play an action again when using its Betray ability.
  • Disciple of Namira no longer draws cards when she dies simultaneously with other creatures in her lane.
  • Monk's Strike now works properly when the other lane is full.
  • Stendarr's Hammer now properly doubles its wielder’s health.
  • Warrior's Fury can now only be played with a creature or item in hand.
  • Return to Clockwork City, Episode 4, The Betrayal, Master difficulty: the player now correctly starts with no cards in deck.
  • Player can no longer queue up a sacrifice while waiting for another creature’s summon animation to finish. This could cause cards to become stuck on screen and a possible disconnect error.
  • Stat multiplications are now calculated correctly when temporary stats are lost.
  • Selecting both Summon abilities for Assembled Titan now correctly activates in any combination.
  • Player’s turn will no longer end if the player selects a support that summons a creature to a lane, but then targets the support.
  • Effects that check power or health on summon now correctly have other buffs applied first.
  • The Fall of the Dark Brotherhood, Episode 1, Docks, Master difficulty: Fixed a bug allowing the AI to summon 4 creatures into the docks lane.
  • Echo of Akatosh's ability now properly triggers on creatures drawn via Prophecy.
  • Creatures with a targeted summon ability will now function properly even when they leave play before the ability resolves.
  • These cards can no longer target themselves with their abilities:
    o Hlaalu Sharpshooter
    o Dushnikh Yal Archer
    o Ghostgate Defender
    o Quicksilver Crossbow
    o Archer’s Gambit


  • Connection stability increased for slower connection speeds.
  • Battery life on mobile devices has been slightly improved. Efforts to improve battery usage are ongoing.
  • Mobile platforms no longer show an unnecessary message of ‘assets being updated’ when no assets were actually being updated.
  • Mobile players can now lock their screen or allow their device to go to sleep and not be disconnected if they return within the 1-hour idle time limit.
  • Players are no longer disconnected from a Practice match if they are idle for less than 1 hour.
  • Mobile devices will no longer auto-sleep during a match.
  • Touch input is now supported and improved on PC and mouse input is allowed on mobile clients.
  • Players can make purchases with gold even when not logged into device accounts.
  • If players are not logged into device accounts, attempting to purchase items from the Store with real money will now prompt the player to log in.
  • Fixed an issue that could generate an error message during the tutorial, preventing players from buying their first pack.
  • Players are now able to use special characters in their name when registering an account.
  • Player are now properly given a replacement quest when one is dismissed.
  • Disconnecting after defeating Reive, but before the pack opening tutorial, no longer causes the player to become stuck.
  • Players now correctly receive the "Favor for a Friend" quest after the completion of "A New Gladiator."
  • Users that have logged off from the game will now properly disappear from their friends’ social lists within 60 seconds.
  • After a disconnect, the game no longer shows the victory/defeat screen from a previously completed match.
  • There is a now an entry in the glossary for “Banish”.


  • Players will now receive a free random Heroes of Skyrim deck after completing Chapter 8 of The Forgotten Hero.
  • Daily login rewards are now delivered immediately instead of requiring a client restart.
  • Player should be shown the non-card mystery reward they are getting from the Daily Login Rewards.
  • Players can now receive the latest card packs from the Arena.
  • Fixed an issue that caused players to receive the incorrect card for their Racial Reward at level 13.


  • Transitions between screens in the main menu are now smoother.
  • Flash effects no longer appear continuously while searching for an opponent.
  • The last deck played will now always be displayed first when returning to deck select after a match.
  • Improvements to Play History in profile.
  • Mobile: Adjusted the scale and positions of numerous UI elements. Mobile UI polish is still ongoing.
  • Cleaned up incorrect font usage in multiple areas of the main menu.
  • Fixed the problem that allowed players to use right-click or middle-click for all menu interactions.
  • Loading spinner has been changed to a rune ring.
  • Numerous fixes to make text in all languages fit better throughout the UI.
  • When gaining a level, the experience bar no longer drains and refills.
  • Mobile: Added "featured items" to the main menu on the mobile UI.


  • Mobile: Card Back section has been moved to the attribute drop down menu.
  • Mobile: Soul Gem counter is now visible all the time while viewing your collection.
  • Searching for Werewolf in the Collection now shows Skyforge and all other Beast Form creatures.
  • Fixed an issue where some alternative art cards appeared out of order in the player’s collection.
  • In the Collection menu, the Rarity or Set filter buttons can now be clicked again to turn off that filter.
  • Mobile: Fixed an issue causing Cost, Rarity, and Set, in the Collection, to appear out of order on Android versions of the game.
  • Players can no longer select the “Soul Trap Extra” option if they have no extra cards to soul trap.
  • The Buy Packs UI has been moved to the bottom right of the Pack Opening screen.


  • Friend Challenges now have a turn timer option.
  • Mobile: Players can now watch their friends' matches using the Spectate button.
  • Clicking outside the Friend Challenge modal no longer closes it.
  • Chat will now scroll to the bottom when new messages appear.
  • The player is now properly informed when their opponent exits the challenge during the deck selection screen.
  • The Card Info pop-up no longer covers a newly received Friend Challenge message.
  • Accounts with names in excess of 15 characters now display correctly in the social menu.


  • Back button has been removed when in queue for a Versus Arena match.
  • Selecting opponents in solo arena is now more consistent, with less twitching.
  • Players can no longer resign from an Arena match multiple times.
  • Resigning a Versus Arena with no wins now properly shows 0 victories.


  • Player are now able to use emotes during the Mulligan phase.
  • Increased the size of the emote menu on mobile.
  • Attacking cards no longer block player input.
  • Removed unintended screen transition during lane and match special rules introduction.


  • Fixed multiple instances of incorrect modal art and/or text in story mode.


  • Purchased items are now sorted to the end of the list of available items in the Store.