The Elder Scrolls: Legends 2.4 Patch Notes

The Elder Scrolls: Legends 2.4 Patch is live! Check out the latest additions and enhancements to the game below:

The Festival of Madness Sale

Sheogorath has kicked off the Festival of Madness, offering up exclusive sales every day for a limited time!

Each day, the Daedric Prince of Madness himself will offer up a special item to purchase in the store for a discounted price. You’ll have to act fast, however - Sheogorath is a fickle deity and each of his deals only lasts for 24 hours!

Card Art

  • Improvements have been made to the low-res card art issue seen on mobile devices.
  • Fixed shader issues that caused some visual effects to turn black on iOS devices.
  • Fixed various animation transitions and visual effects for the following cards:
    o Cast Out
    o Unrelenting Force

Animation, Visual and Audio Effects

  • Fixed an issue when the player summoned Mudcrab Merchant and selected a card to place into their hand, the other card which went to the opponent would display off screen before entering their hand.
  • Dres Tormentor and Wild Incarnate no longer hover above the playmat higher than normally when their abilities trigger.
  • Fixed an issue where any creature stolen with any card that steals, other than Mecinar's Will and Arrest, the stolen creature would clip into any other creature in the lane before moving to the player’s side of the play mat.
  • The card back of a Prophecy draw is no longer upside down.
  • Death Hound now properly shows its blue aura VFX for his constant ability.
  • The Prophecy border VFX will no longer slightly persist on screen when the Prophecy card is returned to the hand because it cannot be played.
  • Creatures will no longer lose their shackle VFX when losing their Guard.
  • When defeating Reive in Chapter 3 of The Forgotten Hero, there is no longer a black box at the beginning of his purple portal animation for iOS clients.
  • Fixed an issue were the three assassins summoned by Ungolim the Listener would appear from different locations.
  • Fixed an issue where the bottle VFX of Crushing Blow would flash on screen before animating towards the opponent.
  • Thief of Dreams now properly displays the “X” VFX when the player unsuccessfully guesses the card.
  • Palace Conspirator no longer flashes in the upper right corner of the screen whenever it is played.
  • Fixed the broken VFX for Murkwater Guide when it would activate the Treasure Hunt ability.
  • Fixed an issue where the amount of health Drain was giving to the player was hidden by the drain VFX.
  • Fixed an issue where the broken pieces of the lock would remain on the screen after the player had unlocked the 9th opponent in a Solo Arena run.
  • Fixed an issue where arrows launched at close range to its target would have their arrow VFX move in an erratic fashion.
  • Fixed an issue where Execute’s dagger VFX would flash on the target before animating.
  • Fixed an issue when the player used Stendarr's Hammer on a creature that had already been equipped with one, a smaller hammer VFX would appear in the center of the play mat.
  • Devour now shows the bite VFX every time, regardless if there is a dragon in hand or not, so the player’s opponent does not learn information about their opponent.
  • Purple summoning portal VFX animation has been tweaked to remove the pop at the beginning and increase the overall speed of the animation.
  • Fixed an issue where the red orb damage VFX would not display when Custom Fabricant would use its Deal 1 Damage ability.
  • Fixed an issue where Scout’s Report’s ability was missing its discard explosion VFX, causing it to hang on screen for a few seconds.
  • When the opponent plays a support card, it will no longer flip upright briefly, then back down before playing the "play from hand" animation.
  • Fixed an issue where a shield outline was visible in the green glow VFX for Lethal on mobile.
  • Light beam VFX will no longer shoot through the cards in the player’s hand if they have more than two cards in their hand, have all their runes, and play Wild Incarnate.
  • Fixed an issue where there was no VFX animation for the Ballista lane firing its attack at the player/opponent.
  • Fixed an issue where cards created by Galyn the Shelterer were shuffling into the deck from random positions.
  • The VFX for any card using a stream of spider webbing has been cleaned up and fixed.
  • Uther Nere now says the correct dialogue in Episode 6, Silverhome on the Water, Uther’s Suite, of The Fall of the Dark Brotherhood if the player chose the "Tell" option in Episode 5, Silverhome on the Water.
  • Fixed an issue where Execute would play the dagger SFX twice, instead of once.
  • Fixed an issue where items granted keywords by Arcane Enchanter were playing the SFX twice.
  • The life gain SFX are no longer audible if the master volume setting is muted.
  • Increased the volume for the summon and attack VO for Karthspire Scout and Destruction tutor in the following languages: German, Portuguese, Polish, and French.
  • There is now an SFX for the moment a player finds an opponent in the Ranked, Casual, or Practice queue.
  • There is now a flame SFX when the player uses Palace Conspirator’s summon ability to destroy a card.
  • Fixed an issue where the second Priest of the Moon was lacking VO when summoned to a lane, after Two-Moons Contemplation was played and your opponent did not deal any damage to you on their turn.
  • Fixed an issue where a buzzing noise could be heard if the Options menu was opened while the turn timer fuse was burning.
  • Fixed missing VO/SFX on these cards:
    o Calm
    o Cloudrest Illusionist
    o Shrine Guardian
    o Orvas' Bargain
    o Afflicted Alit


  • Multiple improvements to the AI have been implemented.
  • Solo Arena now provides the opponent AI with Altmer Protector during the “Guard” scenario, instead of the current Mournhold Guardian.
  • Barilzar’s Tinkering no longer allows the player to Betray the last creature on the playmat.
  • When playing A Night to Remember on a creature equipped with an item, the item will now also be added to the discard pile.
  • When using Mecinar’s summon ability, both Abomination choices should now have the appropriate cost when drawn.
  • Fixed an issue where casting Blackmail on an opponent who has no creatures was giving the player a Sweetroll. The player will now receive a Chicken as originally intended.
  • Creatures sacrificed to use Betray can now be seen/targeted properly in the discard pile.
  • Snowhawk Detachment, Shadowscale Partisan, and Mistveil Enchanter will no longer display a self-buff hanger unless it has met the requirement for the buff.
  • Play history no longer shows how many creatures were buffed for opponents when using Assemble.
  • The Corsair Ship no longer has a target arrow to place a Corsair, when both lanes are full.
  • Fixed an issue where the Banish mechanic would inconsistently show card backs or card faces in the Play History depending on what it was Banishing.
  • Fixed an issue where a creature that dealt extra damage from an attack which would result in drawing a Prophecy card with a targeting action, would cause the creature executing the attack to become untargetable by the drawn Prophecy card during the Prophecy play phase. (ex: Fiery Imp’s two stage attack)
  • Undying Dragon's self-buff should now apply when the Dragon also has a power/health setting effect.
  • Innkeeper Delphine and Chanter of Akatosh's effects are now flagged as "After" timing as dictated by the card text.
  • Treasure Map will now always attempt to draw unchecked card types listed on a Treasure Hunt card.
  • Fixed an issue where some destruction effects (Alduin, Mantikora, etc) were executing at a higher priority than intended.
  • Fixed an issue where Ash Oppressor would not trigger its summon ability if it was buffed when coming into play.
  • Mentor of the Watch no longer shows the opponent that a card was buffed.
  • Treasure Hunts are now reset whenever the creature who triggered it is removed from play.
  • Preserver of the Root is now present in each lane of the opponent in master mode of The Night Mother’s Crypt Part 1, Episode 6, of The Fall of the Dark Brotherhood.
  • Fixed an issue where if more than one Bringer of Nightmares summon abilities are triggered at the same time, and one of the Bringers is transformed before using its summon ability, its summon ability transform will occur from the player’s portrait but have no effect.
  • Creatures with targeted unsummon abilities can no longer highlight cards in the opponent's hand when the ability is triggered at same time, (ex: two Belligerent Giants)
  • Fixed a corner case scenario that prevented Stendarr's Hammer from doubling a creature’s health and power.
  • Black Dragon no longer Banishes creatures but now correctly adds cards to the discard pile.
  • Fixed an issue with Battlemage’s Onslaught where the order of cards drawn was different than the stated card’s description.
  • Grand Inquisitor’s summon ability will no longer display if there are no creatures that can be targeted by the ability.
  • Fixed an issue where a non-existent copy of Stolen Pants would appear in the discard pile when Stolen Pants’ Last Gasp was triggered by giving it to Sheepish Dunmer, even though it was not actually there.
  • Fixed an issue where an incorrect visual copy of Shadowmere would show up in the players discard pile after Shadowmere was destroyed to activate its Last Gasp.


  • We have lowered the minimum requirement for Android down to OS 4.3!
  • Further network improvements have been implemented.
  • Fixed an issue for Mac users that would prevent the entire Main Menu from rendering, only showing the background image.
  • Spectators spectating the game will no longer be abruptly cut off from the game the moment the killing blow is dealt.
  • The language selector is no longer missing from the Bnet version of the game.
  • The title “The Lucky Lady” should now be restored to all players who should have received it.
  • Players can no longer send or receive challenge requests while in queue for any other play modes.
  • Player titles and daily quests are no longer incremented by winning or losing puzzle matches.
  • Multiple cinematic subtitle timings have been tweaked to more closely match the duration of the VO.
  • Fixed an issue where the player was unable to play their 4th card in their hand when their hand was full.
  • Fixed an issue where after two friends had battled in a challenge match, one of the two friends would have trouble sending a subsequent challenge match to that player.
  • Fixed an issue where players with anonymous accounts were warned to register multiple times even if they checked the box that said not to warn then again.
  • Missions that have branching story choices can now be replayed in order to gain both titles possible.
  • Completing House Redoran, House Dagoth, and Companion quests will no longer increment Fighters Guild titles.
  • Completing House Telvanni, Tribunal Temple, and College of Winterhold quests will no longer increment Mages Guild titles.
  • Completing House Hlaalu quests will no longer increment Thieves Guild titles.
  • Players are now correctly placed back at the Main Menu after being kicked from spectating a match instead of being placed at the last story mission popup they were at.
  • Fixed an issue where the player would not be rewarded with the The Miraculous title if they won the game at negative health.
  • Fixed an issue where players conceding within 2 minutes of a Legend Ranked match did not lose rank.
  • Fixed an issue where accounts migrated from the previous client were not having their Total Wins incremented properly.
  • Fixed an issue that would not immediately block the messages of a user if that user was blocked.
  • Players are no longer allowed to match with the same player twice or more in a row in Casual queue.
  • In Solo Arena the “Slaughterfish are circling their prey” scenario is no longer lacking the 4 Slaughterfish, (one in each lane for both players)
  • In Solo Arena the “Shields Up” scenario is no longer lacking the Altmer Protector for both players.


  • When starting Legends, the load bar will now correctly fill up only once before transitioning to the Main Menu.
  • Players can now skip through the Soul Summon and Soul Trap animations, making these actions much quicker to complete en masse.
  • Menu scrollbars are now easier to touch/grab on mobile devices.
  • The security question and country dropdown menus in the Registration screen are now sized larger for easier use/touch.
  • The Collections search bar now has its highlight properly placed.
  • The message that a friend has canceled their friend challenge will now only appear once instead of twice.
  • The left arrow navigation element in Collections is no longer covered by the iPhone X notch.
  • When players first load into the game and see their Daily Rewards they will no longer see a large, low-res image of a coin before the current reward is shown in the preview window.
  • Clicking on the Quest Completion popup will now close it and will not pull up a Quest Start lore text popup.
  • Adjustments made to the max length of the opponent’s name field to prevent long name from overlapping the avatar in-game.
  • The red X (exit) button has been removed from all storyline conclusion popups to prevent players from accidentally reopening a node that should not be able to be clicked.
  • Fixed an issue for iOS where a large cutout of the Collections menu would sometimes be removed, exposing the space background, when players would minimize and then maximize the game.
  • Word Wall will no longer prompt the player to upgrade past a level 3 Shout.
  • Fixed an issue with the Title banner being slightly stretched in-game.
  • The wi-fi connection recommendation now displays above the Download Content popup on mobile.
  • The free Skyrim decks given out at Chapter 3 no longer has incorrect art or debug text.
  • Fixed an issue where card bundle descriptions in the shop were running outside of their UI borders.
  • The Challenge Options popup window has been increased in size.
  • Altmer Dragonknight is no longer missing its ability star icon.
  • Deck names are no longer appended with a number unless the deck that already exists has the exact same name.
  • Fixed an issue where the HUD (names, titles, colors, etc) was visible during the face off/clash animation of every match.
  • Multiple UI elements for mobile have been increased in size: Betray, Registration Recommendation, News, Spectate button, and Mulligan.
  • Fixed an issue where the red glow that would appear when a player was about to delete a deck, would be smeared in the middle.
  • The Daily Quest tooltip will no longer popup through the Daily Quest information popup.
  • The Masquerade lane pregame rules popup is no longer missing from master mode of Arenthil Wetherin’s House in Episode 1 of The Fall of the Dark Brotherhood.
  • The Liquid Courage lane pregame rules popup is no longer missing from master mode of Cloudy Dregs Inn in Episode 1 of The Fall of the Dark Brotherhood.
  • Soul Trapping a card to make a deck invalid now properly moves the deck to the bottom of the deck list.
  • The Options menu can now be closed by clicking/tapping anywhere outside the menu.
  • Fixed an issue where spectators watching single lane matches would only see the left Field lane icon and the right lane Field icon was missing. Now both are visible.
  • The Premium Mode button now has the same highlight as the other buttons.
  • Fixed an issue where players who purchased a new story act would still see “Purchase this Map to continue” unless they exited and returned to the menu.
  • All pre-match popups can now be closed by clicking/tapping outside the popup window.
  • The Back arrow will now hide itself during the pack opening sequence, (cards waiting to be flipped)
  • Fixed an issue where the Special Offers section of the store was incorrectly showing extra cards from different starter decks when the player would view multiple starter decks in a row.
  • Fixed an issue where searching for “monthly” in Collections would show Gentleman Jim Stacey.
  • The player can now mouse-over zoom cards in play or support cards when they have minimized their Mulligan interface.
  • All Arena Boss scenarios now have the correct pre-match popup explaining special rules for the specific opponent you are facing.


  • The player now receives only one copy of Cicero the Betrayer, instead of three, after completing the "Accuse Varlyn" scenario in Episode 4 of The Fall of the Dark Brotherhood.
  • The player now receives 20 Soul Gems instead of 30 for completing the master mode of The Darkened Forest in Episode 1 of The Clockwork City.