Legends Highlights: Pre-Isle of Madness Edition!

Isle of Madness is upon us, and with it come 55 new collectible cards and a brand new metagame to explore.

We’re surely going to see some innovative decks and epic plays emerge over the course of the next few weeks but in the meantime, we’ve compiled some of our favorite highlights from the month leading up to Isle’s release.

For submitting these great plays and letting us share them, we’ll be sending each of these players a 60-pack code - if you want to get your plays shared on our Twitter page or even included in our next article, tweet a clip to us with the hashtag #LegendsHighlights!

For our next article, we’ll be focusing on highlights that involve one or more cards from Isle of Madness. We can’t wait to see what you come up with! Without further ado, let’s look at some of the most entertaining moments we’ve seen over the past month:

#3 - Justin Larson’s Epic Telvanni Arcanist

Popular Legends YouTuber Justin Larson has professed his love for Chaurus Breeding Pit many times before, but no one ever thought he could summon it at will to his hand.

And they say RNG cards like Telvanni Arcanist are unpredictable!

#2 - Lich’s Ascension Sees Tournament Play

Lich’s Ascension is rarely included in tournament-level play, but in this recent WarpMeta weekly tournament it finally made its competitive debut thanks to, of course, Mudcrab Merchant. While Superthx555 wasn’t quite brave enough to include Lich’s Ascension in his Doomcrag Vampire Warrior deck, he was brave enough to play the one the Merchant ‘sold’ to him - and it didn’t even end in catastrophe! [2:12:30]

#1 - “You Bet on The Wrong Side!”

With 34 health, only two enemy creatures standing against him and one of his lanes defended by a trusty Fighters Guild Recruit, WayneMcPain’s opponent was probably feeling safe. Unfortunately for him, Wayne and his Cornerclub Gambler had very different plans.

Playing a Monk deck with multiple copies of Swift Strike, Wayne was well-equipped to deal a bunch of damage in one turn and he had a powerful grip of cards that was capable of doing exactly that. He had even reduced the cost of a copy of Swift Strike with Eclipse Baroness, allowing him to play a Dawnbreaker, Monk’s Strike and a pair of Swift Strikes all in one turn for the impressive burst of damage you can see below:

TESl WayneMcPain Twitch

There you have it - some of our favorite pre-Isle of Madness highlights! Again, be sure to submit your highlights to us on Twitter using the hashtag #LegendsHighlights, and we look forward to featuring some great moments utilizing the newly-released Isle of Madness cards in an upcoming article!