The Elder Scrolls: Legends - March 2019 Monthly Reward Card

As we near the end of the March Ranked season, it’s time to unveil the reward card for the month. This time, we’re going with the Agility attribute and returning to a popular archetype: Goblins.

Introducing Murkwater Scourge!

TESL Murkwater Scourge in-body EN

Goblins have been a popular “tribal” deck for a long time, (speaking of tribal decks, last month’s reward card, Training Grounds, might be worth considering including in yours!) and Murkwater Scourge adds an interesting element to their theme.

Goblins are all about sudden bursts of speed and stats, using cards like Murkwater Savage, which quickly escalate in power and Murkwater Skirmisher, which can buff a whole board of Goblins at once. Scourge, by itself, has relatively weaker stats for its cost but comes with an effect that almost always guarantees two Curses in your hand to weaken or even pick off your opponents’ creatures!

Murkwater Scourge’s magicka cost of four also leads perfectly into a turn five combo with Leaflurker, wounding a creature and setting it up for an instant kill. The Curse-Leaflurker combo already sees play, so this card is worth considering for its utility even outside of Goblin decks.

Regardless of how you intend to use Murkwater Scourge, you’ll have to earn your copies first! Finishing the Ranked season at rank nine or higher will earn you one copy, rank five will earn you two, and rank one will get you the whole playset! As a reminder, we’ve also recently started awarding a premium playset to players who finish the season in the top 1,000 Legend ranks, so if you’re able to finish among the best in the world, you’ll be Cursing opponents in style.