Command the Houses of Morrowind with The Elder Scrolls: Legends Theme Decks!

As players begin collecting cards from Houses of Morrowind, many of you are excited to try out the other big addition that came with The Elder Scrolls: Legends’ latest expansion – three-attribute cards!

Adding a third attribute is certainly an exciting prospect for deckbuilders old and new, but where to begin?

Houses of Morrowind Theme Decks

With the launch of Houses of Morrowind, we’re pleased to offer five new Theme Decks designed to acquaint players with the expansion’s triple-attributed factions. All five decks can be purchased in the Store for just $7.99 or 1,000 Gold each.

Each preconstructed Theme Deck contains 75 cards built around one of the Great Houses featured in Houses of Morrowind, including a powerful three-attribute Legendary card!

Just like any other cards added to your Collection, players can change out (or even Soul Trap) the contents of a Theme Deck. Whether you’re a new player looking for a place to start or a veteran looking for a base to build upon, you wouldn’t want to pass on such Theme Decks as…

Dagoth’s Might

TESL Dagoths Might

The vengeful Dagoth Ur and all those under his House respect just one thing – power. With this deck, players combine the attributes of Strength, Intelligence and Agility to strike down foes with cards that specifically reward them for having the most powerful creatures in play.

Redoran Onslaught

TESL Redoran Onslaught

With its trademark Rally mechanic, House Redoran hits the ground running and never lets up. In this Strength, Willpower and Endurance-themed deck, creatures recklessly charge into battle while inspiring bigger, better and badder allies to follow suit!

Telvanni Ambition

TESL Telvanni Ambition

You have to crack a few eggs to make an omelette, and House Telvanni really likes its breakfast. Combining Intelligence, Agility and Endurance, this deck frequently sacrifices its own creatures to obtain greater power. Don’t worry, many of your creatures won’t mind taking the hit for the team – some even reward you for it!

Tribunal Glory

TESL Tribunal Glory

The Tribunal Temple always appreciates a disciple willing to go the extra mile. This Intelligence, Willpower and Endurance deck heavily features the Exalt mechanic, which grants an additional oomph to certain creatures when you pay a bonus amount of magicka to play them.

Hlaalu’s Schemes

TESL Hlaalus Schemes

House Hlaalu always has another card to play – in this case, literally. This Strength, Willpower and Agility deck strives for quantity over quality thanks to the Plot mechanic, which rewards playing more than one card on each of your turns.

Heroes of Skyrim Theme Decks

For those looking to catch up with The Elder Scrolls: Legends’ previous expansion, players can still pick up these four 50-card Theme Decks from Heroes of Skyrim for just $4.99 or 500 Gold apiece.

Ancano’s Cunning

TESL Ancanos Cunning

Headlined by the powerful Ancano, this Mage deck conjures a mix of cunning magic users and devasting removal actions to seize control of the battlefield before your opponent can take an inch for themselves.

Paarthurnax’s Roar

TESL Paathurnaxs Roar

This Agility/Strength deck picks off unsuspecting creatures with a potent combination of sly tactics and the not-so-subtle power of the Thu’um, or Dragon Shout. With each successful Shout, the next one you play of the same name levels up, resulting in a more powerful (not to mention louder) effect.

Aela’s Companions

TESL Aelas Companions

In this Warrior-themed deck, Aela the Huntress and her pack of Companions like to hit hard and hit often. Once an opponent takes enough damage to break a rune, the real fun begins as Aela and her lycanthropic allies trigger their Beast Forms, becoming fearsome Werewolves with beefed-up stats and abilities!

Brynjolf's Heist

TESL Brynjolfs Heist

A good thief always waits for the right time to strike. Creatures in this Intelligence/Agility deck make ample use of moving between lanes, hiding behind Cover and reaping benefits from attacking off-guard opponents until their health – and pockets – are picked dry.

Alduin’s Apocalypse

TESL Alduins Apocalypse

Featuring the World Eater himself, this Willpower and Endurance deck has foes run for cover as Skyrim’s mighty dragons join your side. Things can get especially nasty when Alduin makes his appearance, signaling the end times for every other creature in play!

Whether you’re a newcomer looking to try out a new deck or an experienced player looking to round out your Collection (or just Trap some quick Soul Gems), be sure to check out Theme Decks in the Store today!