Twitch Drops Have Returned!

We’re thrilled to announce that our Twitch Drop program is expanding!

For the past several months, players have been able to link their Twitch and Bethesda accounts to receive in-game loot while watching their favorite Legends streamers, but only on the weekends. Starting now, Twitch Drops will once again be available continuously every single day!

We believe that creators making exciting content for Legends should be able to grow an audience with us and you. For this reason, only channels airing LIVE Elder Scrolls content will be eligible for Drops. It is our intent to continue welcoming new streamers to Legends as well as encouraging those who’ve been making amazing content for years to keep doing what they’re amazing at.

As a viewer, you can expect the same Drops you might have received on the weekend, but now during any day of the week! You could earn in-game Gold, Soul Gems, card packs and more just by watching streams on Twitch with a linked account.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to Twitch now and see who’s live!