Stock up for the Surplus Gauntlet November 1!

The next in-game event in The Elder Scrolls: Legends has more magicka than it knows what to do with. Grab your collection and start brewing for the Surplus Gauntlet!

Surplus Gauntlet: November 1 – November 4

In this event, normal deckbuilding rules apply but we’ve now swapped out the Field Lane with the Surplus Lane. Whenever you summon a creature into the Surplus Lane, a random card in your hand will have its magicka cost reduced by one! Each run through the Surplus Gauntlet costs one Event Ticket or 150 Gold, up to three maximum runs.

The Surplus Gauntlet begins Friday, November 1 at 12pm ET and closes at 12pm ET on Monday, November 4. Events in The Elder Scrolls: Legends change regularly, so check in often to see what new challenges await!