The Elder Scrolls: Legends 2.2.1 Patch Notes

The latest version of The Elder Scrolls: Legends is live! This update features many fixes and improvements to the game’s UI, gameplay, audio, graphics and user experience.

Check out the details below:


  • During the mulligan step, cards discarded cannot be redrawn. Multiple copies of a card in the deck may still result in one of those cards being drawn.
  • Sweet Rolls, while still tasty, no longer heal you to full when eaten with Dragon Aspect.
  • Miraak, Dragonborn, Arrest, Mecinar’s Will, and Chodala’s Treachery will now properly steal creatures from full lanes.
  • Slay no longer activates when destroying a Support or when cards are discarded.
  • Brotherhood Sanctuary and Blackwood Distiller now function properly when the slaying creature dies during the action.
  • The abilities of Ascended Sleeper, Ash Berserker, Awakened Dreamer, and Blighted Werebat now correctly interact with “until end of turn” temporary effects.
  • If its current lane is full, Conjuration Scholar will now properly summon a Frost Atronach to the other lane.
  • Solo Arena’s “Ambush” scenario, “Hero’s Call” scenario, “Mage Tower” lane, and “Surplus” lane now function correctly.
  • Ancano’s ability no longer grants breakthrough to actions that don’t deal damage.
  • Necrom Mastermind’s summon ability now works as intended with the Last Gasp ability of these cards: Brass Arquebus, Shadowmere, and Telvanni Arcanist.
  • Players can now target Shriveled Mummy with Mummify.
  • Reflective Automaton now properly counts as all creature types.
  • Conjurer’s Spirit will now function only on the appropriate turn.
  • Midnight Snack’s cost reduction will no longer be visible to opponent in play history.
  • Some missing cards have been restored to the decks of computer opponents in Practice mode.
  • Computer opponents will now make smarter choices when it comes to using the Ring of Magicka, attacking creatures with Guard, attacking with creatures before sacrificing them, and dealing damage dealt to themselves.
  • In Solo Arena, players will no longer face more than two regular opponents using the same combination of attributes in their decks.
  • Creatures’ wounded status is now properly removed when they leave play.
  • Cards with abilities represented by a star icon will now properly show a graphical effect when that ability occurs.
  • Shalk Fabricant now highlights properly in hand when its summon ability is active.
  • Black Worm Necromancer now highlights properly in hand when its summon ability is active.
  • When a card’s ability causes an action to be played, you can now inspect that card properly.
  • When Aldora the Daring’s treasure hunt ability is successful, the “check failed” visual effect will no longer be erroneously shown.
  • The “Out of cards” message now displays properly when you attempt to draw a card with none remaining in your deck.
  • Cards with increased power and health will now show those increases when viewed by cards like Merchant’s Camel or Indoril Mastermind.
  • Stolen pants now properly summon their Sheepish Dunmer in the other lane when equipped by Master of Arms’ summon ability.
  • When stolen with Mecinar’s Will, Emperor Titus Mede II’s ability will now function properly.
  • Using Altar of Despair in a full lane no longer abandons the summoned creature in the center of the playmat if the lane remains full due to Last Gasp abilities.
  • Camoran Scout Leader will now properly summon Wood Elf Scouts to lanes with wounded enemy creatures.
  • Beastcaller Ring, a card unique to Solo Arena’s Wild Beastcaller opponent, now reduces all creatures’ costs, not just the opponent’s.
  • Hist Grove is no longer sacrificed with no effect if both lanes are full at the start of the turn.
  • Conjurer’s Spirit now properly summons a Familiar even if it is played after the player has been healed.
  • Undying Dragon will now properly resolve lethal combat damage before receiving its +5/+5 buff.
  • High King Emeric’s summon ability now displays the proper amount of damage when the player has Ward.
  • Players disconnected from a match during Mudcrab Merchant’s summon ability will still receive their card correctly upon reconnect.
  • A player’s normal card draw for the turn now occurs before any effects that add cards to that player’s hand.
  • Assembled Titan’s Assemble abilities now function properly with Dragon Priest Mask and Ulfric’s Uprising.
  • Creatures sacrificed from a full lane to make room for Black Worm Necromancer, Odirniran Necromancer, and Gearwork Spider can now be returned to play by those cards’ summon abilities.
  • Almalexia’s Blessing from Archcanon Saryoni now functions properly when both lanes are full.


  • Cards must reach the player’s hand before they can be played. This will reduce the number of unintentional plays.
  • Players are now able to listen to audio from other sources in the background while playing on iOS and Android.
  • Players will not be matched against the same opponent twice in a row in Ranked and Versus Arena.
  • Fixed a bug causing user input to be offset on Android 9.0.
  • Floating cards now have more accurate collision bounds.
  • Fabricate’s correct rarity has been restored.
  • Fixed a bug on mobile devices that prevented the game screen from flipping when auto-rotate is turned on.
  • Animations now work as intended during attacks with Staff of Sparks.
  • In Return to Clockwork City Episode 4, in “The Red Mountain” and “Betrayal” chapters, matches now properly end if the player does not win on the first turn, and in “The Apprentice” chapter, Sotha Sil now has the correct starting health on Master difficulty.


  • Red marks will no longer remain onscreen when cards are redrawn at the start of a match.
  • Punctuation and grammar errors in Story Mode menus and subtitles have been corrected.
  • The player no longer becomes a Dwarven Spider while fighting the Forgotten Machines boss in Solo Arena.
  • The Solo Arena boss disc now properly explodes when the boss is defeated, and the number of player wins is displayed correctly.
  • The language dropdown now works properly on the Sign-In screen on mobile devices.
  • The timing and visibility of damage and health gain numbers have been improved.
  • In Collection view, previously unowned cards now properly display the “new” flag.
  • Newly created decks with duplicated names now have a number added to the end of their names automatically.
  • Returning to the main menu after a Practice, Casual, or Ranked match will put the player at the final screen of that play mode, ready to start another match.
  • Fixed a bug that enabled players to create unplayable 3- and 4- attribute decks.
  • Numerous other audio and graphical fixes have been made to the UI.
  • Numerous fixes to UI sizes on mobile devices.


  • Adjusted the card art positions on numerous cards to provide better framing.
  • Premium art fixes and adjustments:
  1. Indoril Archmage
  2. Premium Vvardvark Experiments now creates premium Vvardvarks
  3. Redoran Forerunner
  4. Bolvyn Venim
  5. Night Mother
  6. Reflective Automaton
  7. Dwarven Ballista
  8. Assembly Titan
  9. Bone Colossus
  10. Dagoth Ur
  11. Chodala's Treachery
  12. Blueclaw Matron
  13. Divayth's Experiment
  14. Stolen Pants
  15. Silent Pilgrim
  16. Grand Ball
  17. Dune Stalker
  18. Dwarven Spider
  19. Fabricate
  20. Assembled Conduit
  21. Gloom Wraith
  22. Legion Praefect
  23. Night Predator
  24. Militant Chieftain
  25. Prized Chicken
  26. Imprisoned Deathlord
  27. Dune Rogue
  28. Shadow Shift
  29. Barbas
  30. Blackreach Rebuilder
  31. Grim Champion
  32. Stronghold Incubator
  33. Swamp Leviathan
  34. Tenmar Swiftclaw


  • In Return to Clockwork City Episode 2 “Bleakcoast Ridge,” Laaneth now warns of the coming ice storm at the appropriate time.
  • In Solo Arena, the boss scenarios are now properly announced.
  • In various languages, story dialogue audio no longer ends prematurely.
  • Opponent’s cards no longer make shuffling sounds while the opponent is inspecting them.
  • Reduced the echo on the arena announcer’s voice.
  • Chaurus Reaper’s summon ability now plays audio correctly when targeting more than one creature.
  • Shrine Guardian and Cloudrest Illusionist’s audio has been toned down.
  • Moving through the Ranked constellations now has the proper audio effects.
  • Fire Breath now has proper fire visuals and audio.
  • Visual and audio fixes and adjustments:
  1. Ashlander Zealot
  2. Swift Strike
  3. Awakened Imperfect
  4. Ald’ruhn Arms Master
  5. Stormcloak Battalion
  6. Power Sphere
  7. Bringer of Nightmares
  8. Orb of Vaermina
  9. Graybeard Mentor
  10. Ring of Imaginary Might
  11. East Empire Crafter
  12. Grahtwood Ambusher
  13. Queen Barenziah
  14. Fharun Defender
  15. Reive
  16. Septim Guardsman
  17. Renowned Legate
  18. Grandmaster Delphine
  19. Grisly Gourmet
  20. Emperor's Blade
  21. Thorn Histmage
  22. Penitus Oculatus Agent
  23. Riften Pickpocket


  • Players now receive packs awarded for quest completion and daily login reward cards immediately.