Chaos Arena: March 16 - 19

Get ready to think on your feet, because Chaos Arena is back!

In this event, players draft a deck on the fly before heading into the fray. However, unlike your average Versus Arena, Sheogorath added his own little twist to things and is forcing players to contend with randomly selected scenarios and lane conditions.

These shakeups require a mix of skill, luck and wits to survive, whether it’s playing in the Library lane – which lowers the costs of actions – to even swapping decks with your opponent at the start of the match!

The Chaos Arena begins Friday, March 16 at 12PM EST and ends Monday, March 19 at 11:59am EST. Each entry costs either 150 Gold or 1 Event Ticket.

New to Chaos Arena? Brush up with our Enter the Chaos Arena article as well as check out the Madhouse Collection, a special set of cards inspired by the Daedric Prince of Madness’ take on Arena.

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