Introducing Puzzle Sets

Ah, if it isn't our newest agent. I'm Caius Cosades, the Imperial spymaster. When you arrive in Morrowind later this month, I've got a series of lessons that'll get you up to speed on the local political landscape.

I've found there's no better way to learn than by doing, so I'll be throwing you right into the action and seeing if you can figure out how to use the tools at hand to achieve immediate victory.

Puzzle inbody caius

With the release of Morrowind, we will also be introducing a new type of solo content available for purchase: Puzzle Sets. Puzzles are preset scenarios where the player must beat the puzzle within the given parameters such as winning the game within a single turn. Puzzles are a great way to become familiar with cards, mechanics, and hone your sequencing skills.

Puzzle inbody challenge

There will be three sets of 10 puzzles each: Caius' Training, Naryu's Challenges, and Divayth Fyr's Trials. Caius’ Training will be free to all players while Naryu's Challenges and Divayth Fyr's Trials will be available for purchase in the store for $9.99 or 1500 gold each on April 5 with the launch of Houses of Morrowind. Solving each puzzle comes with a reward, with completing all 10 in a set rewarding a total of 5 Houses of Morrowind packs, 100 Soul Gems and a special card back unique to that puzzle set!

Speaking of Caius Cosades… he’s not just going to guide you through a puzzle set, he’ll also be a unique legendary card in the Houses of Morrowind and today we’re happy to reveal his card!

Caius Cosades In-Body