The Elder Scrolls: Legends – May 2018 Monthly Card

For this month’s card, we sojourn down to the Black Marsh, home to both the Argonians and the Hist. In this region of Tamriel, the Argonians mostly keep to themselves and rarely venture outside of their ancestral homeland. Not so for our card this month, who has left the Marsh to share her deadly knowledge…for a price of course.

TESL Argonian Herbalist ENG

We’ve never had a creature with both a Pilfer and a Slay ability before, and Blackwood Distiller’s are each unique! To get the most out of Blackwood Distiller’s powerful effects, you’ll need a few extra tools to help her go toe-to-toe with enemy creatures.

For example, your opponent might throw a Guard creature in the way, preventing Blackwood Distiller from landing her Pilfer ability. Luckily, Agility decks have a solid number of cards that weaken enemy creatures like Curse and Malefic Wreath, while Endurance has cards like Enchanted Plate and Wrothgar Artisan to help make sure that your Distiller can Slay anyone foolish enough to get in her way.

The payoffs for both the Slay and Pilfer abilities on Blackwood Distiller involve gaining additional magicka, so you’re also going to want some more expensive cards to play to make the most of Distiller’s arduous work. Thankfully, Scout decks have been good at this for a while now – for example, combining the Distiller with Thorn Histmage can easily propel you to a ton of magicka (and heavy damage) in a flash!

However you decide to use Blackwood Distiller, rank up by the end of the month to pick up your copies!