The Elder Scrolls: Legends - March 2020 Monthly Reward Card

Another powerful Dragon descends upon the Elder Scrolls: Legends metagame as the reward card for March’s ranked play season: Supreme Dragon!

TESL Supreme Dragon EN

Coming from the Crusader class (Strength plus Willpower), Supreme Dragon lives up to its name. Not only does it have an impressive stat line of 7/7 for six Magicka, it also comes with a devastating effect: At the start of each turn, Supreme Dragon sets each enemy creature with power greater than 3 to exactly 3.

If your opponent has been building an army of relatively large creatures, Supreme Dragon swiftly makes their board that much less threatening. Additionally, since this is a recurring effect, your opponent is going to feel pressured to take out Supreme Dragon quickly. If they don’t, any big creatures they play on their turn will be reduced to 3 power as soon as your turn starts!

Whether you’ll be slotting Supreme Dragon into a dedicated Dragon deck or using it as a standalone threat, make sure you head into Ranked Play and earn your copies before the end of the month! As with all our monthly reward cards, reaching rank 9 in our ranked ladder by the end of March will award you one copy, rank 5 will earn you the second and if you finish rank 1 or higher you’ll get a full playset. In addition, if you’re able to finish in the top 1,000 Legend ranks, your playset will be premium!