Duplicate Legendary Protection – Now live in The Elder Scrolls: Legends!

Before version 2.9 of The Elder Scrolls: Legends goes live April 15, we have our usual preparatory service update. This time, however, we’re including something a little special ahead of schedule - our duplicate Legendary protection system!


  • Duplicate Legendary protection is coming a little early everyone, starting today at 11:00am EDT:
    o Players will no longer receive a 4th regular or 2nd Unique Legendary if they have not yet collected all other Legendaries in that specific Collection.
    o Once all Legendaries in a Collection have achieved a full set, (1 Unique, 3 regular), only then will players begin to receive extras, which of course can always be kept or Soul Trapped for Soul Gems.
    o Premium Legendaries count towards a full set.

  • Fixed an issue that would cause some occasional delays during pack opening.