Houses of Morrowind Community Deck Spotlight

In the weeks following the release of Houses of Morrowind, we’ve seen players experiment with decks spanning all the existing classes and Houses. There has been no shortage of interesting and diverse strategies on the Ranked ladder, but some experiments have proven to be more successful than others. In today’s article, we’re going to highlight a couple of the coolest decks that have seen impressive results on the ladder.

Whether you decide to try one of these decks out yourself or simply use them as an inspiration for your own strategies, we hope you enjoy a brief look at what’s been made possible by Houses of Morrowind!

Eyenie’s Monk’s Strike Hlaalu

Card # Copies
Execute 2
Shadow Shift 2
Steel Scimitar 3
Archer’s Gambit 3
Balmora Puppateer 2
Fighters Guild Recruit 3
Gloomlurker 2
Sly Marshblade 3
Suran Pawnbroker 3
Thieves Guild Recruit 3
Astrid 1
Brotherhood Slayer 3
Cornerclub Gambler 3
Crusader’s Assault 3
Nimble Ally 3
Sanctuary Pet 3
Swift Strike 2
Cloudrest Illusionist 3
Dawnbreaker 1
Dushnikh Yal Archer 3
Fell the Mighty 2
Hive Defender 3
Monk’s Strike 3
The Black Dragon 1
Ahnassi 1
Brynjolf 1
Cliff Racer 3
Snowy Sabre Cat 3
Allena Benoch 1
Triumphant Jarl 3
Vigilant Giant 2
Tazkad the Packmaster 1

Let’s start at the top and talk about the deck Eyenie used to finish #1 Legend in the month of April!

While this isn’t the first time Eyenie has accomplished this feat (he’s finished #1 Legend four times prior), he certainly chose an interesting deck to do it with this time. Hlaalu Aggro decks are all the rage right now - but what about a more Midrange-y approach?

Eyenie’s deck sacrifices some of the breakneck speed most Hlaalu decks have in favor of powerful mid-game cards like Vigilant Giant, Tazkad, and Snowy Sabre Cat. The Sabre Cats are a key card for this version of the deck; Eyenie can use them and Swift Strike in combination with power-boosters like Crusader’s Assault and Monk’s Strike to generate massive amounts of damage in a single turn, seemingly out of nowhere. Surprised opponents might find their life total reduced to zero by an adorable kitten they thought would only be able to deal six damage!

Eyenie has notably gone without the Haunted Manors seen in most current Hlaalu Aggro builds, but his three copies of Dushnikh Yal Archer should help if he runs into any troublesome supports like that on the ladder. Fine-tuned for the meta and packing quite the punch, this is a Hlaalu deck for those who want something a bit out of the ordinary.

Warriors7’s Doomcrag Warrior

Card # Copies
Nord Firebrand 3
Ashlander Zealot 1
Rapid Shot 3
Sharpshooter Scout 2
Barrow Stalker 3
Wind Keep Spellsword 3
Aundae Clan Sorcerer 3
Dark Guardian 3
Hlaalu Sharpshooter 1
Mummify 1
Necromancer’s Amulet 2
Raiding Party 3
Skaven Pyromancer 3
Dushnikh Yal Archer 3
Earthbone Spinner 2
Fell the Mighty 1
Namira’s Shrine 3
Disciple of Namira 3
Underworld Vigilante 1
Cradlecrush Giant 2
Doomcrag Vampire 3
Journey to Sovngarde 1

Sure, three-attribute Houses are the hot new thing, but what about two-attribute decks? One of the coolest two-attribute decks we’ve seen recently is Doomcrag Warrior, and Warriors7’s recent version of the deck weaves several new Houses of Morrowind cards into the strategy.

The general idea behind Doomcrag Warrior is to use Doomcrag Vampire in combination with “pings” - effects that deal one damage. Doomcrag Vampire can help your Nord Firebrands or Sharpshooter Scouts take down some of the mightiest creatures in the Elder Scrolls universe, and the rest of Warriors7’s deck is full of tools to help back that combo up.

Disciple of Namira and Namira’s Shrine will help you draw tons of cards, Necromancer’s Amulet allows you to restore health while you plow through your opponent’s creatures, and Journey to Sovngarde can be used in the very late game after your deck has been depleted to give you a new army of powered-up threats. Aundae Clan Sorcerer, a new Legendary creature from Houses of Morrowind, fits perfectly. With so many creatures hitting the discard pile, getting Blood Magic Spells is a breeze.

If you’re a fan of drawing a bunch of cards and pulling off impressive combos, this deck is made for you.

ReiReiBarker’s Uprising Scout

Card # Copies
Drain Vitality 3
Scout’s Report 3
Word Wall 3
A Night to Remember 2
Thieves Guild Recruit 3
Galyn the Shelterer 1
Giant Bat 3
Indoril Mastermind 3
Sanctuary Pet 2
Soul Tear 3
Tree Minder 2
Greybeard Mentor 3
Merchant’s Camel 2
Territorial Viper 1
Shadowfen Priest 1
Thorn Histmage 2
Odirniran Necromancer 3
Ulfric’s Uprising 3
Dark Harvester 2
Nix-Ox 2
Blood Magic Lord 1
Red Bramman 1
Paarthurnax 1

Slow Scout decks in various forms have been around a long time, but ReiReiBarker has brought the class back to the forefront by reaching Legend #1 using a version with some serious Houses of Morrowind flavor! Reirei would like to give credit to Puddleglum for the original idea which he then refined.

Early in the game, this deck plays the defensive role and uses cards like Sanctuary Pet, Giant Bat, and the powerful package of Shouts to hold off any aggression. Then, it can start gaining Magicka with Tree Minder and Thorn Histmage. Later, Paarthurnax and Blood Magic Lords can generate massive value and can be reused with Soul Tear and Ulfric’s Uprising. The Uprisings really set this deck apart, and there’s no shortage of powerful Summon effects to make them worth it. With the right board, Uprising can let you draw more cards, summon a creature from your discard pile, and gain even more magicka to keep your turn going if you have a Nix-Ox on board.

Uprisings also work wonders with another Houses of Morrowind card in the list: Odirniran Necromancer. By itself, the Necromancer has a plethora of targets in this deck, from defensive options like Thorn Histmage and Dark Harvester to Territorial Viper for removal. When used alongside Ulfric’s Uprising, it can generate serious card advantage. It’s also fairly easy to increase the Necromancer’s power using Soul Tear or Galyn the Shelterer which allows for a wider array of potential targets including other copies of Necromancer! If you want a deck with a lot of tricks up its sleeve, look no further.

These are just a few of the awesome decks we’ve seen from the community over the past few weeks. Hopefully you can draw some inspiration from them the next time you enter Ranked Play, and remember to keep experimenting - we can’t wait to see what you come up with next!