TESL Champion Series Elite Circuit: Mid-Season Update

The TESL Champion Series Elite Circuit is in full swing, and competition is heating up as we approach its third and final Championship for the season!

This Championship in particular stands out for a few reasons: it’s the first Championship after the recent balance patch affecting Nix-Ox and Mantikora and the first with turn timers in effect for challenges - a feature implemented to improve these competitions after listening to community feedback.

With $1500 prize pools for each Championship leading to a whopping $2500 prize pool for the Grand Final, there’s a lot at stake, and it’s brought out some of the best Legends players in the world. If you’ve missed any of the action, here’s an update on where the series currently stands.

Championship 1

Right out of the gate, top Legends players from across the globe began competing in the first qualifiers. Warriors7, a popular streamer and high-legend player, took down the first while Superthx555, one of the most consistent tournament players in the game, won the second. This brought us to our first Championship , which many other notable players qualified for; to name a few, Ikarus, Traitor-Joe, and Petamax were all in attendance.

Despite the stiff competition, both Warriors and Superthx were able to make the semifinals alongside KoverasBG. When the dust settled (no pun intended), it was the United Kingdom’s Dust who took down the grand prize with a lightning-fast 3-0 victory over Superthx in the finals with his Warrior deck! With a number of top 50 Legend finishes and ESL cup victories to his name prior, a win here was no real shock.

Championship 2

Two more 64-person qualifiers prepared us for the second Championship, which would then reveal who was to join Dust in the four-person Grand Final in May.

The first of the Championship 2 qualifiers saw many fan favorites take early losses. Some, like Ikarus and Karakondzhul, were able to re-qualify for the second Championship but it was none other than Jele77 who scored first place in the third qualifier. In the fourth, Chpre defeated Harkos in the final to take the event’s grand prize.

The second Championship itself was full of upsets. At the end of the day, our second invite to the Grand Final went to Emikaela! A longtime CCG player, her first Legends tournament was the third qualifier, where her top eight finish locked her for the championship. Taking down a bracket of this magnitude was quite the showing for a second tournament, and she’ll get to further prove herself against long-time tournament players like Dust in the upcoming Grand Final as a result.

Two More Grand Final Invites to Go!

This brings us to the qualifiers for Championship 3; so far, TDCJason was able to win the first 64-person bracket, which came right after he finished #1 on the last Rumble Gauntlet leaderboard. He’s had quite the stellar month and is definitely one to watch out for when the third Championship rolls around next weekend. KoverasBG took down the second.

But that’s not all - a fourth player will qualify for the Grand Final through points accumulated in the Championship-level events! The race is tight, with Superthx555 and teyi11 tied for first after second-place finishes and narrow misses on qualification. It’s still anyone’s game, though, and Warriors7 and Karakondzhul are right behind them. Will one of them take the fourth qualification or will someone else jump to the front of the pack? Who will take down the third Championship? Only time will tell!

If you want to catch all the action first-hand, be sure to follow the TESL Champion Series on Twitch. Also, get to know our current Grand Finalists better with our interviews with Dust and Emikaela.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this recap, and best of luck to those entering the upcoming tournaments!