Monthly Card Reveal: Emperor’s Blade

Our new card this month has sworn himself in service to the Emperor, and he takes that duty very seriously. The Empire has empowered him with a license to kill, and rewards him with bounties for doing so.

Emperors Blade

As you might expect for a card representing the most elite agents in service of the Emperor, you get a formidable warrior for your 4 magicka. Not only is the Blade excellent at protecting his lane, but he can also take down a lot of foes with comparable costs and survive to tell the tale. Additionally, when you do kill an enemy, you get a nice health buff that can buy you time to cast Spellsword’s powerful late game creatures.

A lot of the strength of the Blade is how easily a big creature with Guard and a powerful Slay ability slots into any Spellsword deck. You can also do a bit of work to make him even better, if you’re so inclined. He’s quite good with the Spellsword mini-theme of guards mattering, curving ideally into a Snowhawk Detachment or Watch Commander, and unlocking the full potential of those cards. He’s also quite strong when combined with an Imperial Camp to buff his power. Alternately, you could go for the full flavor win and have your Emperor’s Blade protect your Emperor Titus Mede and Young Dragonborns.

However you prefer to use the Emperor’s Blade, be sure to jump into the ranked queue to claim your copies at the end of the month!