The Elsweyr Gauntlet makes its debut May 14!

This weekend, we’re taking a trip to the Khajiit homeland in an all-new event in The Elder Scrolls: Legends. Get ready for the Elsweyr Gauntlet!

Elsweyr Gauntlet: May 14 – May 17

In this Gauntlet, players compete with decks using cards exclusively from the Core Set and Moon of Elsweyr sets. Deck sizes are also reduced to 40 cards and we are also unlocking the collection so you can assemble just the right deck for this event.

Entry into the Elsweyr Gauntlet costs three (3) Event Tickets or 500 Gold per run, up to three maximum runs allowed. With each run you complete, you will also receive a premium, alternate art Finish Off!

TESL Finish Off alt EN

The Elsweyr Gauntlet begins Friday, May 14 at 12pm ET and closes at 12pm ET on Monday, May 17. Events in The Elder Scrolls: Legends change regularly, so check in often to see what new challenges await!