Choose your side. The Elder Scrolls: Legends - Alliance War is live!

The time for waiting is over! Alliance War, The Elder Scrolls: Legends‘ latest expansion, is now available!

Tumultuous times have come to the land of Tamriel. Five powerful factions have done away with their treaties and broken out into a full-scale conflict for the future of the continent. When the dust finally settles, however, only one can sit atop the Ruby Throne...will it be you?

TESL AW in-bodies EN

Alliance War features

  • Over 100+ new cards to collect in Legends‘ latest pack-based expansion!

  • Five new triple-attribute factions:

  • The Aldmeri Dominion (Intelligence/Willpower/Agility)

  • The Empire of Cyrodil (Willpower/Agility/Endurance)

  • The Ebonheart Pact (Agility/Endurance/Strength)

  • The Daggerfall Covenant (Endurance/Strength/Intelligence)

  • The Guildsworn (Strength/Intelligence/Willpower)

  • New mechanics:

  • Empower – Boost the power of your cards each time you damage an opponent!

  • Mobilize – Play an item with Mobilize in an empty lane and summon a Recruit to wield it!

  • Veteran – Creatures with Veteran become stronger once they get their first taste of battle!

  • Expertise – Obtain useful effects if you’ve played an action, item or support card that turn!

  • All-new playmat, visual effects and music tracks – now live in the game!

The Elder Scrolls: Legends 2019 Roadmap

That’s not all! 2019 is going to be a big year for Legends. Alliance War will be joined by three more full pack-based expansions along with PvP Events, new card backs, esports events and so much more before the year has concluded. You can see the details in our illustrated 2019 Roadmap below:

TESL 2019 Roadmap EN

As you can see, we’ve got a lot of work ahead of us! Be sure to follow The Elder Scrolls: Legends on Twitter, Facebook and Twitch for the latest and greatest in store for the game. Until then, may you find glory fighting alongside your chosen factions in the Alliance War!