Collect an exclusive new card in the Oblivion Gauntlet, starting October 11!

Dive headfirst into The Elder Scrolls: Legends’ newest expansion with the Oblivion Gauntlet!

During this event, players construct decks featuring an unlocked collection of the Core Set and Jaws of Oblivion to battle with until they reach nine wins or three losses - whichever comes first! Each run through the Gauntlet costs three Event Tickets or 500 Gold, up to three maximum runs.

To celebrate the launch of Jaws of Oblivion, we’ve got a special treat in store. We’re awarding entrants one copy of a brand new, exclusive card for each run through the Oblivion Gauntlet. Make way for the one, the only….Horse Armor!

TESL Horse Armor EN

Since you get three maximum runs in this event, you can get a full playset of this magnificent item just by completing all your runs, regardless of how many wins you get! Just consider it our way of ringing in Jaws of Oblivion in style.

Oblivion Gauntlet: October 11 – October 14

Decks in the Oblivion Gauntlet may only contain cards from the Core Set and/or Jaws of Oblivion. No other expansions – including story and monthly reward cards – may be used. Haven’t started up your Jaws of Oblivion collection yet? No need to fear, as both the Core Set and Jaws of Oblivion will be completely unlocked for players in this event!

That’s right – try out all the new cards and mechanics for yourself just by entering the Gauntlet. Who knows, you may just come across your next favorite deck in the process!

As always, players in the Gauntlet earn rewards with each victory and their overall performance will be tracked on the leaderboards. Should you place high enough in the ranks at the end of the event, you could receive additional rewards!

The Oblivion Gauntlet begins Friday, October 11 at 12pm ET and closes at 12pm ET on Monday, October 14. Events in The Elder Scrolls: Legends change regularly, so check in often to see what new challenges await!