Building on a Theme: Khamira’s Rebellion

If you’re just starting your journey in The Elder Scrolls: Legends, Theme Decks are a great first step. Two new Theme Decks are now available to purchase with the release of Moons of Elsweyr, Khamira’s Rebellion and Zumog Phoom’s Ambition, for just 500 gold. In today’s article, we’ll be taking one of these new decks, Khamira’s Rebellion, to the next level by editing the deck with only commons and rares!

Here’s an import code for the base Khamira’s Rebellion deck, should you want to start from scratch: SPAGwWwpqjwveDknAHwcwXfiwdbrwRfhAKnMebmDlYvCwVwovMwUwH

(To import a deck, copy the deck import code to your clipboard, navigate to your Legends collection, and select “New Deck.” The game will identify your code and ask if you’d like it built!)

TESL Moon Gate EN

Khamira’s Rebellion is an aggressive deck in the Monk class focusing mainly on Khajiit, of which there are plenty in the Moons of Elsweyr expansion. The deck is heavily focused around the new Wax/Wane mechanic from and has a very low Magicka curve, with its most expensive cards costing only five Magicka. We’ll be keeping both of those features and aiming to maximize this deck’s effectiveness by making sure it’s playing three copies of its most important cards.

For starters, there are two cards in the Common/Rare category that this deck can utilize from top-tier Agility and Willpower decks. We’ll want to make room for three copies of each of the following cards that will significantly increase the power level of this deck:

Hive Defender: Khamira’s Rebellion’s is weakest on turn four with only two four-cost cards. Hive Defender is one of the best four-cost cards in all of Legends and will serve to protect our more vulnerable cards like Rahjini Haighwayman to allow them to attack turn after turn.
Cliff Racer: An aggressive deck with Agility is never complete without Cliff Racer! You’ll no doubt find yourself closing out a lot of games with this powerful 4/4 Charger.

TESL Cliff Racer EN

The above cards are relatively easy to obtain, since they’re only Rares, but will help this deck out more than many Epics could. But then, what do we cut from the deck to make room?

Cliff Racer can replace Cartel Bruiser, a card that’s only truly powerful if we already have Master of Thieves in play. We also don’t want to be playing too many five-cost cards or we risk being stuck with clunky opening hands.

As this deck is currently split in two directions (Pilfer and Wax/Wane), we’re going to cut some of the Pilfer cards that require more cards to be truly effective: Master of Thieves, Tenmar Swiftclaw, Smash and Grab and the vulnerable Baandari Bruiser. It’s definitely possible to take this deck in a Pilfer-centric direction, but it would at least require more copies of Master of Thieves, which doesn’t fit into our current budget! For now, let’s focus more on Wax/Wane.

The last card we’ll cut is one copy of Moon Bishop. The card fits into the Wax/Wane theme but isn’t as aggressive as this deck would like; moving forward, it would be something to consider cutting when you’re able to acquire more copies of cards like Lunar Sway instead. For the time being, in addition to Cliff Racers and Hive Defenders, this deck could benefit for third copies of two other Wax/Wane cards like Alfiq Illusionist and Corinthe Brawler as well as a third Dune Smuggler (a solid all-around card.)

TESL Alfiq Illusionist EN

Let’s see the results:

  • +3 Hive Defender
  • +3 Cliff Racer
  • +1 Alfiq Illusionist
  • +1 Dune Smuggler
  • +1 Corinthe Brawler
  • -3 Cartel Bruiser
  • -2 Baandari Bruiser
  • -1 Master of Thieves
  • -1 Smash and Grab
  • -1 Moon Bishop
  • -1 Tenmar Swiftclaw

Here’s the deck import code for our new and improved build: SPADwWwpeDAEwcfiwdwUANnMebwXmDlYwVwRwovMfhwHdhim

With these changes to hone the Wax/Wane theme and remove some of the more combo-oriented cards for staples like Hive Defender and Cliff Racer, Khamira’s Rebellion is even more powerful and ready to tackle your next Ranked games. As you continue to build your collection, you can start to consider such Epics as Baandari Opportunist, Mournhold Traitor, Cornerclub Gambler and additional copies of Divine Fervor to further increase this deck’s power level and tune it to your liking.

I hope you found this article helpful, and stay tuned to our next installment, where we’ll look at Zumog Phoom’s Ambition!