The Elder Scrolls: Legends – November 2018 Monthly Card

We’re approaching the end of the November Ranked Play season, so it’s time to reveal this month’s reward card! As always, these are tied to your performance on the Ranked Play ladder; if you achieve rank 9 or higher during the month, you’ll earn one copy; rank 5 will give you the second, and you’ll earn a whole playset of the card if you’re able to make it to the elite ranks of rank 1 or Legend.

For November, we return to the Strength attribute with Frenzied Alit!

TESL Frenzied Alit in-body EN

Frenzied Alit is a small creature that packs a lot of punch. Its 1/3 stats can hold its own when facing off against several other commonly played low-cost creatures. It can take down a Morag Tong Aspirant or Shrieking Harpy and live to tell the tale - and that’s where things get interesting.

Each time Frenzied Alit takes damage and survives, its power will grow by one. While it might not grow to the impressive heights of last month’s reward card, Altmer Dragonknight, one extra power could make a world of difference in the first few turns of the game.

Additionally, if you’re able to attach an Item such as Steel Scimitar or Dagoth Dagger, Alit gets a lot stronger and harder for opponents to take down in one clean hit. With each battle survived, it deals just a bit more damage and can take down tougher creatures – a perfect fit for aggressive Strength decks!

No matter which decks and cards you’ll choose to use with your Frenzied Alits, you’ll need to earn them first. Head into the Ranked ladder today to secure your free copies of the card!