The Elder Scrolls: Legends - July 2020 Monthly Reward Card

Powerful creatures have come to Legends in the past few months of reward cards, but now it’s time for a new Support card to give item decks a new toy. Introducing Monster Perfection Lab!

TESL Monster Perfection Lab EN

Big things come in small packages, which Monster Perfection Lab exemplifies costing just one Magicka. This ongoing Support card easily weaves into your turn, especially if it’s the first one of the game. In a deck full of powerful items, that one Magicka investment can lead to big payoffs.

Monster Perfection Lab’s value is unleashed as soon as you end a turn controlling a creature in play with at least three Items attached to it. That might sound like a lot, but cards like Master of Arms and Gardener of Swords pile on weapons in bulk. Once you meet the requirement, you can sacrifice the Lab to choose an item in your deck to equip the heavily armed creature for free!

Effectively, the one magicka you paid earlier becomes an item of your choice (at any cost) - and if you do have Gardener of Swords in play, you’ll get twice the value when the Gardener copies that item on itself.

If you’re excited to have a new powerful option for your item decks, make sure you head into Ranked Play today to earn your copies! As with all our monthly reward cards, reaching rank 9 in our ranked ladder by the end of the month will award you one copy, rank 5 will earn you the second and if you finish rank 1 or higher you’ll get a full playset. In addition, if you’re able to finish in the top 1,000 Legend ranks, your playset will be premium!