The Elder Scrolls: Legends - December 2018 Monthly Card

This month, we’re introducing the very first monthly reward card from the Archer class: Ashlander Punisher!

TESL Ashlander Punisher EN

Ashlander Punisher is an aggressive Dark Elf with a powerful combination of effects and stats. A 5/4 played on turn four (or even earlier with the Ring of Magicka) can be enough by itself to pressure your opponent, but the fun doesn’t stop there.

Equipped with Breakthrough, Ashlander Punisher deal damages to your opponent when running over smaller creatures in battle - and many creatures will likely be smaller than the Punisher when played early in the game.

Like last month’s reward card, Frenzied Alit, the Punisher is also able to improve its own power. All it has to do is Pilfer or Slay. Thanks to Breakthrough, it’s even possible to do both at the same time! Destroying a creature in battle will trigger the Slay effect and Breakthrough will deal any excess damage to the opponent, allowing it to Pilfer as well. This turns Ashlander Punisher from a decent threat to an absolute powerhouse very quickly.

If you want to start dealing some serious damage with Ashlander Punisher, you’ll have to secure your copies on the Ranked ladder! If you achieve rank 9 or higher during December, you’ll earn one copy; rank 5 will give you the second, and you’ll earn a whole playset of the card if you’re able to make it to the elite ranks of rank 1 or Legend.