Top Highlights of the Month - November 2018

Recently we asked you, the players, to share with us your most entertaining moments playing The Elder Scrolls: Legends on Twitter. Today, we’re happy to present three of our favorite Legends Highlights out of all those submitted in the month of November!

The competition was fierce and browsing the hashtag #LegendsHighlights on Twitter shows a lot of great moments, but we’ve managed to narrow it down. Our top three selections this month feature awesome combos, a very powerful dragon, and even a God! Without further ado, let’s check out some of the coolest plays we’ve seen throughout the month, starting with…

#3 - Jage’s Ring/Mother Combo

In this clip, Jage has perfectly assembled two support cards that take a good amount of work to go off and manages to use them simultaneously to deal a ton of damage!

(Click the image below to view the clip on Twitch.)

TESL Jage Combo Twitch

After some deliberation to make sure the math checks out, Jage removes a bunch of his opponent’s creatures (including destroying five Targets at once with one Reverberating Strike) and triggers The Night Mother’s effect for destroying 20 creatures total.

This lets him draw 10 cards, deal 20 damage to his opponent AND gain 20 life… but the fun doesn’t stop there. Since he also has Ring of Namira in play, the 20 life Jage gains turns into 20 more damage to his opponent - who, in the course of a single turn, took over 40 points of damage and almost lost their entire board.

For more awesome clips, check out Jage on Twitch and YouTube.

#2 - GicaForta’s Wildfire Dragon One-Turn-Kill

Wildfire Dragon can potentially reach some pretty impressive stats but many players have trouble getting it to destroy many creatures; after all, it only deals one damage. Well, GicaForta has found a way around the issue as we can see in this clip, where he uses Devour on his own Territorial Viper to give the dragon Lethal and Charge!

On his following turn, GicaForta plays the dragon - now able to clear the entire board with ease thanks to Lethal. It gains +7/+7, and then repeats the process two more times thanks to the two copies of Brotherhood Sanctuary on the board! This puts the Dragon at a staggering 27/27, and since it received Charge the previous turn, that’s enough to end the game immediately.

You can see more of GicaForta’s Legends gameplay on YouTube.

#1 - Warriors7’s Next Level Dagoth Ur

Dagoth Ur is already one of the most powerful creatures in The Elder Scrolls: Legends (after all, he is a God) but Warriors7 wasn’t satisfied. He decided to see just how massive he could make the creature.

Fans of competitive Legends might be familiar with the dreaded Nix-Ox combo, used here by Warriors7. Using Ulfric’s Uprising to re-trigger summon effects, Warriors gets tons of Magicka from Nix-Ox, extra copies of Uprising thanks to Therana, searches for everything he needs with Laaneth and then plays two copies of Dremora Markynaz to start growing the Dagoth Ur.

Several Uprisings later, Warriors7 runs out of time in his turn before he’s able to attack but has managed to turn a “measly” 8/8 Dagoth Ur into a… 131072/131072. Fortunately, his opponent is unable to do anything about it and Warriors deals enough damage on the following turn to win over 4,300 separate games of Legends.

For more impressive Legends gameplay, check out Warriors7 on Twitch and YouTube!

As a special thanks for providing us with some amazing gameplay, we’ll be sending some pack codes out to each of these players. We’ll continue to share your awesome moments through our social media channels and articles like these in the future, so keep sending them our way! All you have to do is record a video of the highlight and tweet it to @TESLegends using the hashtag: #LegendsHighlights. You might just see your clip in the next article!