The Elder Scrolls: Legends – March 2018 Monthly Card

This month’s card has origins dating back as far as the Merethic Era. Back then dragons were rulers of Skyrim - god-kings worshipped by the powerful Dragon Priests.

Eventually, the men they had ruled over hunted these winged terrors to extinction and entombed them in the many Dragon Mounds throughout Skyrim. However, the return of the World-Eater Alduin has given new life to these winged menaces, and their great shadows once more darken Tamriel’s skies.

TESL Frostscale Dragon In-Body

Truly a fearsome beast, Frostscale Dragon doesn’t require a lot of work to be awesome as the top end of a Battlemage deck. It has a very strong Summon ability that will often kill an enemy creature while softening up the rest of your opponent’s board for your other creatures. Add to that a robust 6/6 body and your opponent will be wishing that the dragons had just stayed dead in the first place!

There are also plenty of ways to get more than the sum of its scales out of Frostscale Dragon. You can play with the Lookouts for some bonus dragon synergies that will make Frostscaling your opponent even more appealing or play Frostscale with Alduin himself as a powerful dragon for him to return to play. Midnight Snack also pairs quite well with Frostscale by giving you some early guards to help you survive until you’re able to get enough magicka to start deploying your massive winged threats.

Regardless of if you choose to build around Frostscale Dragon in a Battlemage Dragon deck, or just use it as a strong finisher, fly over to the ranked queue to earn your copies!