New deck size, same great challenge: the Mini Gauntlet begins November 15

We’re slimming down your deck size requirement in The Elder Scrolls: Legends’ latest event: the Mini Gauntlet! Don’t let the name fool you – the challenge and rewards that await are all still regular-sized!

Mini Gauntlet: November 15 – November 18

There’s only one special rule change in this event, but it’s a big one: the minimum deck size has been reduced by 20% - that’s 40 cards for two-attribute decks, or 60 cards for three-attribute decks. The number of copies of each card you can play will remain the same.

A smaller deck means more consistency, but also risk running fewer potential answers to your opponents’ threats – choose wisely which cards make the cut. Each run through the Mini Gauntlet costs one Event Ticket or 150 Gold, up to three maximum runs.

The Mini Gauntlet begins Friday, November 15 at 12pm ET and closes at 12pm ET on Monday, November 18. Events in The Elder Scrolls: Legends change regularly, so check in often to see what new challenges await!