Peek at The Elder Scrolls: Legends’ all-new look

At E3 2018, we shared a glimpse of the future for The Elder Scrolls: Legends, featuring completely new, built-from-scratch version of the game courtesy of developer Sparkypants Studios.

Shown off in detail at PAX West, here’s a closer look at some key elements of Legends rebuilt with entirely new code and backend features. From updated card borders to a totally refreshed user interface, feast your eyes on what’s in store for Legends.

Oh, and one last thing…the wait is almost over! We’re excited to announce that the new Legends experience will become available to players by the end of September.

TESL PC Mainmenu in-body

The new main menu gathers news, daily quests, special offers and more, all in one screen!

TESL Mobile Mainmenu in-body

The same main menu, but now it’s optimized for mobile devices!

TESL PC Match in-body

A match in progress, with new aesthetic features and updated card borders.

TESL PC Match2 in-body

Another look at a match on the new playmat.

TESL PC Deckbuilder in-body

The updated Deck Builder, where you concoct your own builds from cards in your collection.

TESL PC Profile in-body

Compare your statistics, match history, rankings and more on the new player profile screen.

We appreciate our fans’ patience as the Sparkypants team works to make Legends look, play and feel better than ever. Be sure to tune in September 7 as community manager Christian Van Hoose (@IAmCVH) teams up with Sparkypants (@sparkypants) to show off Legends’ new look live at!