The Elder Scrolls: Legends – February 2018 Monthly Card

This month’s card is a throwback from the long-lost Dwemer civilization. While the Dwemer are nowhere to be seen, their ingenious machines live on throughout Tamriel and have proven time and time again to be incomparable fighters. Many overconfident adventurers have met their end at the hands of a Dwemer machine. The Steam Constructor is one such foe. This piece of Dwemer machinery seems to have been designed with the goal of helping to fabricate an entire army of robots.

TESL Steam Constructor IN-BODY

Steam Constructor needs some help to get up and running, but the payoff is significant. If players are holding any neutral cards in hand, Steam Constructor summons a free 1/1 Reconstructed Spider. Without considering any other synergies, a 2/2 and a 1/1 for two magicka is a fantastic bargain that can find a place in most decks, but Steam Constructor has even more to offer.

Both creatures are neutral Dwemer, which can be quite important in the right deck. Two neutral bodies in a single card is going to be very helpful for ensuring that you still have a neutral creature in play in a turn or two when you start playing your Fabricants or Dwarven Dynamos, and when you play this with a Halls of the Dwemer in play, you get a whopping nine power for just two magicka! Talk about a great value! Of course, the Steam Constructor will also play very well with any card that likes Tokens. It can be combined with Fifth Legion Trainer or Divine Fervor to boost up its power, or Lion Guard Strategist to spread wards around to a ton of guys.

Regardless of how you plan to use Steam Constructor, be sure to hop into the ranked queue today to earn your copies!