The Elder Scrolls: Legends - September 2020 Monthly Reward Card

If you’ve been itching for a new powerful Khajiit, September’s monthly reward card will be right up your alley. Introducing Dark Mane!

TESL Dark Mane EN

Dark Mane is a Monk (Willpower & Agility) Khajiit with a low cost of two magicka. Its reasonable 2/3 statline allows it to evade common removal such as Firebolt and trade favorably against any 2/2s your opponent might play early. This is important, because if you’re able to keep Dark Mane in play for a turn or two, the real value of this card comes into effect.

Whenever you fill up the lane Dark Mane is in with another creature, it moves to the other lane. As it does, it gains +2/+0 and Drain until the end of the turn, letting you deal extra damage and gain some health back! While Dark Mane moves whenever you fill up its lane, there are plenty of other ways to move this card in the Monk class like Shadow Shift, Dune Stalker and Dune Smuggler. Best yet, these cards are already great fits for aggressive Monk decks and can make Dark Mane one of the scariest turn two plays in your deck!

Whether you’ll be using tricks like Shadow Shift to outwit your opponents or filling up your lane the old-fashioned way with a bunch of small creatures, make sure to head into Ranked Play by the end of September to earn your copies of Dark Mane. As with all our monthly reward cards, reaching rank 9 in our ranked ladder by the end of the month will award you one copy, rank 5 will earn you the second and if you finish rank 1 or higher you’ll get a full playset. In addition, if you’re able to finish in the top 1,000 Legend ranks, your playset will be premium!