Game Update 70: Patch Notes
Dire Wolf Digital
January 31, 2017

Forgotten Hero Collection

To commemorate our very own Forgotten Hero of Tamriel, we have 12 exclusive new cards. You’ll receive a full playset of each, and a wide variety of exciting cards to shake up your decks. Full details are in this article.

Card Backs

Bling up your deck! Special card backs are now available so you can fill your opponents with envy. All the new info can be found here.

Cards In Hand

When you mouse over your deck on the playmat, you’ll now also get a count of your Cards In Hand. It’s easier to see if you’re going to lose a draw due to overflow.

Card Changes

ā—     Worm King’s Agent can now target friendly creatures, to make its gameplay more in line with other similar effects. (There will be no special sellback for this change.)


Previously, the number of decks you could have at one time in the Deckbuilder was limited to 35. That has been expanded to 50 decks.

Bug Fixes

  • The Black Dragon has revised text that properly refers to card titles.
  • Shimmerene Peddler no longer draws a card after your hand is discarded with Hit and Run.
  • Mecinar’s Will now properly steals creatures buffed by Sanctuary Raid.
  • Dwarven Colossus no longer gets keywords from previous Power Spheres after being replayed.
  • Serpentine Stalker is no longer blocked from attacking the opponent when a Grandmaster Delphine with Guard is in the other lane.
  • Underforge now keeps a creature’s old type in addition to adding Werewolf.
  • Daring Heist can now be played if Breakthrough creatures damaged the opponent and then died.
  • Fabricate (premium version) now creates a premium Custom Fabricant.
  • Cog Collector now summons a creature with proper cost when it is killed by a creature with a Slay ability that draws a card.
  • Skeevaton and Stealer of Secrets now track their bonuses with dynamic text using the +X/+X format.
  • Unrelenting Force now properly increments quests for unsummoning creatures.
  • Eclipse Baroness now draws an Out of Cards when the owner’s deck is empty.
  • Hunter-Killers now properly functions as two abilities which can be interrupted.
  • Arcaneum Librarian now properly receives its buff if the card drawn is then discarded.
  • Full-lane sacrifice prompt no longer has a targeting arrow.
  • Spectator icon now shows properly for user watching a match.
  • Forgotten Hero campaign now allows skipping final voiceover after a story choice.
  • Issues with daily quests and the Mage Guild Associate title have been fixed.
  • Queue tip about unique cards has been rewritten for clarity.
  • The Master Wizard title now progresses properly.
  • In the Store, the names of the titles awarded with purchases are now displayed.
  • Creatures without Cover stolen from the Shadow Lane no longer receive Cover.
  • Redrawing cards during mulligan no longer gates the client on Phone.
  • Movie issues on iOS phones and tablets have been fixed.

Known Issues

  • Balmora Spymaster gives negative stats and costs to some cards.
  • Bone Colossus does not properly remove the buff that is placed on Skeletons once they are unsummoned.
  • Wolves do not receive Alpha Wolf’s buff if they received it once before, then were re-summoned 
  • Summon abilities triggered by Ulfric’s Uprising do not increment quests that require the use of Summon abilities. 
  • Doppelganger does not copy creatures correct stats whose dynamic stats are set to a specific power and health. 
  • High King Emeric's Summon ability will deal no damage when brought into play by Transforming a creature.