The Fall of the Dark Brotherhood, a New Story for The Elder Scrolls: Legends
Dire Wolf Digital
March 9, 2017

This April, get your blades sharpened as we dive into an all-new adventure in The Elder Scrolls: Legends. In the launch story, players took up arms in the Great War and helped beat back the invading Dominion army from Cyrodiil. This time, the player is hired by a powerful merchant to infiltrate the ranks of the Dark Brotherhood.

Slaying for Profit and Cards

There are over 25 missions in the new Story, and over the course of all those missions, you’ll earn playsets of 40 new cards. Many of these cards will be members of the Dark Brotherhood themselves, such as the Brotherhood Slayer.

With the Slay ability word, we are now codifying (and slightly expanding) a mechanic that has already been in the game. Slay effects trigger whenever the creature destroys another creature on your turn. In the case of Brotherhood Slayer, you’ll receive a Completed Contract card that you can use whenever you need a little extra magicka.

The Story that you’ll be playing through is linked to Cicero’s Journal, the murderously mad jester that Skyrim fans will remember. Cicero also makes use of the Slay mechanic, but his scruples are… somewhat flexible.

Spreading the Love

The Story’s new cards are spread across all five attributes, plus neutral. While some Dark Brotherhood cards will continue to be represented in Endurance and Agility (as Lucien Lachance and Ungolim the Listener were in the Core set), the cunning Dark Brotherhood also makes use of tools and allies of the Intelligence attribute. Here’s a simple, but effective Intelligence card that depicts two assassins working together on the docks of Wayrest.

Fans of Swindler’s Market or action-based decks may find that these new tools inject fresh new life into deck types that have been underrepresented on the ladder.

Choosing Your Path

During the course of the Story, players will be presented with choices that impact gameplay. Kill a rival assassin or let them live? Remain loyal or betray your employers? Either way, the player can earn all the cards from the new set, but your challenges may differ, depending on your choices along the way.

Several missions even offer the player the option of going under disguise, abandoning the use of your regular decks to impersonate a character with a special deck that you must pilot.

When you’re piloting an Assassin deck, be on the lookout for enemies of the Dark Brotherhood, such as the Underworld Vigilante. Also, beware of those who would raid and destroy your sanctuary!



May the Night Mother Guide You

The Story of The Fall of the Dark Brotherhood is broken up into three sections, or maps. Each map can be purchased using gold or cash. A special bundle price of $19.99 gets you all three maps. There are additional benefits for pre-purchasing: The Speaker title and a premium version of The Night Mother, one of the hallowed relics of the Dark Brotherhood. In addition to all of the Legends content, you’ll also receive the Doom Wolf mount in The Elder Scrolls Online (PC/Mac only) when you purchase The Fall of the Dark Brotherhood.

We’ll be releasing more information on The Fall of the Dark Brotherhood over the course of the next couple weeks. We hope you’ve enjoyed this brief taste of the Story. Expect more card reveals as we lead up to the official release on April 5!

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