New Card Backs for The Elder Scrolls: Legends!
Dire Wolf Digital
January 30, 2018

Now you can show off your deck with one of several unique card backs. In total, Legends now has five different card backs available!

Selecting Your New Card Back

You’ll find a new tab in your Collection that shows all the card backs available. Choose one of the card backs you own, and you can favorite that card back to be the default for all of your decks. Here are all the new card backs coming to the game (and how you can get them).

Dark Brotherhood

Show your devotion to The Night Mother! If you have already purchased the Triple Bundle for The Fall of the Dark Brotherhood campaign, the Dark Brotherhood card back will be automatically granted to your account. It’s also been added to any future purchase of the Dark Brotherhood Triple Bundle. For a limited time, this card back will be available separately for purchase in the Store.

Clockwork City

Look what Mecinar has made especially for you! It’s available in all the same ways as the Dark Brotherhood card back. You’ll receive it if you’ve already purchased the Return to Clockwork City Triple Bundle, and it’s been added to future purchases. It’s also available separately in the Store for a limited time.

Elden Root

If you’re from Valenwood, this is the card back for you! When you make your next in-game cash purchase, the Elden Root card back will be automatically granted to your account. There’s no other way to obtain this special card back.

Atronach Bundle

For all you conjurers out there, there are both a Storm Atronach and a Flame Atronach card back as part of the new Atronach Bundle special offer in the Store. In addition to the two new card backs, you’ll also receive five Core Packs. This bundle will also be available for only a limited time.

We’ll be adding lots of new card backs to the game in the near future. We’re making plans to show off many aspects of Tamriel and its inhabitants, as well as featuring special achievements that you’ve owned as a player.