Monthly Card Reveal: Worm King’s Agent
Dire Wolf Digital
November 27, 2017

Our card this month is quite sinister indeed. He has spent years cultivating and mastering the Black Arts and will not hesitate to use them in the subjugation of his enemies.

Growing dissatisfied with the research and ambitions of the puny Mages Guilds and the weak Psijic Order, he decided to pledge himself to serve the most powerful necromancer in the history of Tamriel – Mannimarco, the King of Worms!

While Worm King’s Agent may not bring a particularly impressive body to the table for seven magicka, he does have an immediate impact as soon as he’s played. His Summon ability, which does 2 damage to an enemy creature, can also trigger his Slay ability. This means that if Worm King’s Agent manages to pick off an unsuspecting victim, he’ll reanimate a nice 2/2 Guard to the table to protect you. Of course, the Guard can also protect the Agent himself, setting him up to Slay again. 

Using damaging actions to get enemy creatures down to 2 or less health is a great way to set up the Agent’s Summon ability. Cards that let you shackle creatures will be useful for holding the Agent’s victims down long enough for him to Slay them. The Agent also benefits greatly from the extra protection that cards like Wardcrafter and Lesser Ward provide. Luckily, cards like these appear in many Sorcerer decks so he doesn’t really ask too much of you; just play him and get your value!

Hop into the ranked queue today to earn your copy of Worm King’s Agent. Happy Slaying!