Monthly Card Reveal: Smuggler's Haul
Dire Wolf Digital
August 31, 2016

One of the great things about working on a digital card game like The Elder Scrolls: Legends is that we have a variety of ways to release content. Today, we’re going to introduce one of Legends’ most unique ways to shake things up: monthly cards. The monthly card will be revealed with about ten days to go in each month and you’ll earn them based on your ranked progress. You earn one copy of the monthly card for each major constellation you reach: 1 for Mage, 2 for Warrior and 3 for Thief. If you can’t quite reach Thief, no worries. Monthly cards can be soul summoned after they’re released. They’ll also be added to the Arena!

The first monthly card, which players earned at the end of the August season, is Smuggler’s Haul.

Smuggler’s Haul certainly has some randomness to it, but no matter what, you’re going to get four sweet cards. While at first glance it may just seem like pure craziness, there are a variety of ways you can build a deck around it.

Smuggler’s Haul usually draws more than one creature, so it can fit into a deck that tries to go wide with creatures. Divine Fervor loves having a bunch of zero-cost friends, and so does Bruma Armorer. Any card that can draw this many creatures at once is appealing, and even the random cards you draw that aren’t creatures will help you advance your gameplan.

Another way to go is actions. Smuggler’s Haul often hits a couple of actions and is an action itself, so it fits nicely with the High Elf theme. Following up a Crystal Tower Crafter or Artaeum Savant with Smuggler’s Haul will lead to some pretty crazy turns, and you aren’t going to run out of actions anytime soon.

The possibilities don’t end there. You may not have acquired Smuggler’s Haul through proper channels, but you can use it however you desire. Good luck!