Monthly Card Reveal - Mechanical Ally
Dire Wolf Digital
October 21, 2016

With our last monthly card, we visited the Hist Grove and the leviathans of the Black Marsh. Now it’s time to delve into Dwemer ruins and rediscover their ancient secrets.

Some of the most popular cards in The Elder Scrolls: Legends are the Allies. Allies are a cycle of 3 cost 3/3 creatures with powerful Summon abilities, if your top card shares their attribute. They encourage you to build and draft decks differently than you normally do, and create exciting moments. Today, we’re welcoming a sixth Ally to the family: Mechanical Ally.

Mechanical Ally not only presents an incentive for a Neutral heavy deck, but also falls right into a Dwemer deck. With a Halls of the Dwemer out, Mechanical Ally presents nine power and draws a card for just three magicka.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to play only Neutral cards for Mechanical Ally to succeed. Mechanical Ally is still a great card even if it only gives you a Spider Worker most of the time. That opens the door (or Portcullis) for plenty of different strategies to emerge, and gives you the option to play powerful cards from any of the different factions.

Mechanical Ally is a little trickier to pull off in Arena. So tricky, in fact, that we’ve decided to exclude it from Arena for now. However, you can still get a sneak preview via cards that create random creatures (looking at you, Stronghold Incubator).

What will you do with Mechanical Ally? Until next time, may your top card always be Neutral!