Monthly Card Reveal: Hist Grove
Dire Wolf Digital
September 20, 2016

Last month we introduced players to Smuggler's Haul, our first Monthly Card. Now we're back with a whole new way to crush your adversaries with swampy value!

One of the most exciting things to do in The Elder Scrolls: Legends is play cards that cost a lot of magicka. Cards like Iron Atronach, Odavhiing and Mantikora can help you come back from even the toughest situations. One of the ways to ensure you can play them in a timely fashion is through a magicka ramp. Today, we’re introducing a card that uses the magic of the Hist to bring you closer to casting your expensive cards: Hist Grove.

Hist Grove offers additional max magicka at 3 cost, similar to Tree Minder. However, if you can make it to 15 magicka, you get two Swamp Leviathans to close out the game. Making it to 15 magicka isn’t easy. You need the game to last a while. Putting lots of Guards and Prophecy cards in your deck should help extend the game.

You’ll also need to use at least two other magicka accelerators to push past the turn-based magicka cap of 12, and get to 15 magicka. Cards that can contribute to this include Hist Speaker, Thorn Histmage and Tree Minder.  

Both Hist Speaker and Tree Minder are common, so activating a Hist Grove is very possible in Arena. Look to take these cards and some defensive cards a little higher, and you should be able to pull off an awesome Arena deck.

Magicka being the Argonian theme means that this slots right into various Scout decks, and works perfectly with many of the cards you already want to play. Hist Grove powers up your Thorn Histmages, and vice versa – growing your Histmages while getting to 15 magicka is exactly what you want to be doing. It also adds redundancy, as the more acceleration you play, the more appealing gigantic and expensive cards get. 

One of the risks of playing a magicka acceleration deck with defensive cards is that if you draw all acceleration and defensive cards it tends to be hard to win. Playing the dual role of an accelerant and a finisher makes Hist Grove versatile and powerful, which means that it offers a lot to both existing and new decks.

Whatever you do with Hist Grove, make sure to use it to its fullest. Those Swamp Leviathans are hungry and ready for battle.