Monthly Card Reveal: Heroic Rebirth
Dire Wolf Digital
February 23, 2017

The Elder Scrolls are full of stories of characters who rise from lowly roots to become heroes of legend. Heroic Rebirth aims to tell that story in a card. It transforms any creature in your hand into a legend; a unique legendary creature. This can transform even the smallest of Mudcrabs into the mighty Odahviing.

Any card that gives you access to many of the most powerful cards in the game deserves a good look. While there is a random component to Heroic Rebirth, you can’t go too wrong with unique creatures. In addition, with three activations, you have a number of chances to get the perfect legend. If you don’t like the legend from your first activation, you can even transform it into another legend. Unique creatures tend to run high in magicka cost, so Heroic Rebirth should be thought of as a powerful late game card.

Deckbuilding with Heroic Rebirth is a bit tricky. You need creatures that you want to transform, and the ability to play powerful legendary cards. You also may want to be playing a deck that expects longer games, as you want time to play all of your legends.

Tree Minder is a solid swamp-loving Argonian, but did you ever get the sense he was destined for something more? Hanging out in the swamp may just not be enough for him. A little Heroic Rebirth might be just what the “little Argonian that could” needs. Scout ramp has a number of cheap creatures that help accelerate its magicka early on, but they serve little use late in the game. Heroic Rebirth is a perfect way to add value to copies you draw later on.

While slower decks may be the most natural home for Heroic Rebirth, it can fit in a variety of places. You can put it in an aggressive deck with relatively low magicka costs and use it to make your cheap cards more relevant when you draw them late in the game.

Heroic Rebirth also has synergy with cards that draw multiple creatures. Raiding Party gives you two Firebrands that are more than happy to go on the path to become a legend. Take Heroic Rebirth on the ranked ladder to become a legend.