Monthly Card Reveal: Conjuration Tutor
Dire Wolf Digital
June 25, 2017

Our new card this month is a big fan of Atronachs. He’s studied them, he loves them and he’s even gone so far as to combine what he liked best about other Atronachs into a brand new one of his own.

TESL ConjurationTutor JuneMonthlyCard 730x478

That’s a lot of abilities and stats for just 7 magicka. You’d happily throw as many Lava Atronachs as you were allowed to into almost any Intelligence deck. The twist is that you don’t just get to add Lava Atronach to your deck for free, you have to play Conjuration Tutor first to get access to them.

Of course, a 6 magicka 3/3 is nothing to write home about, but Conjuration Tutor does have a bit more going on than just that. For starters, if you manage to keep your fragile Tutor alive until you draw one of your Lava Atronachs, you get two for the price of one. That’s 16 points of power and health spread across both lanes with Ward, Guard and Breakthrough to boot.

Conjuration Tutor is not just a combo with his own progeny though, he works with plenty of other cards that let you summon Atronachs as well. Imagine playing Conjuration Tutor and immediately using the last charge of your Dark Rift to summon not one but two Storm Atronachs! Or imagine dropping a Flesh Atronach and getting a second copy of your beefy Daedra in the other lane. Your opponent is going to need quite a lot of removal to clean all that up!

Conjuration Tutor also pairs quite well with Altar of Despair. Altar is naturally good with powerful summon abilities and the 6 cost Tutor curves well into the 7 cost Atronach. If you have some other creature who has stuck around, you could even sacrifice that instead to keep the Tutor in play and get double the destruction! Hop into ranked mode today to claim your copies of Conjuration Tutor.