Monthly Card Reveal: Chaurus Breeding Pit
Dire Wolf Digital
April 25, 2017

Sometimes the early game doesn’t go your way. We’ve all been there before; maybe your opponent hit a Prophecy at a key time, or maybe their cards just lined up perfectly and they got a few fortunate trades. Having cards in your deck that can swing an unfavorable board state back around for you is absolutely key to winning in these situations, and few cards create as big a board swing as Chaurus Breeding Pit.

10 magicka may be a lot, but you’re actually getting a discount when you factor in what it would cost you to play two Chaurus Reapers by themselves!

The card that comes to mind when looking for analogues for Chaurus Breeding Pit is probably Nest of Vipers, a nifty card that is nearly guaranteed to clear out a whole lane for you. The Pit may not carry the same guarantee, but the ceiling on it is even higher if you’re playing against someone who is going wide and flooding the board. Also instead of a measly 4 power, you’re left with a whopping 10 power worth of creepy-crawlers spread out over both lanes to help clean up whatever stragglers your opponent might have left behind (or just bash them to death).

Chaurus Breeding Pit is also no joke in Arena, where Chaurus Reaper is already a force to be reckoned with. Taking a 10-cost card comes with a lot of risk in a fast environment like Arena, but the payoff for surviving long enough to play it is going to be quite rewarding, delivering a huge board swing in a format that is all about playing to the board.

Of course, sometimes a Chaurus Reaper alone won't be enough to take down some of the bigger enemies you’ll encounter, so it may be prudent to pair your Breeding Pits with the Archer cards that care about wounded enemies. Or maybe you’re not actually that interested in giving all your opponent’s creatures -1/-1 and are more interested in getting 10 power spread across both lanes and ramping up with Endurance cards is more attractive.

Whatever style of Chaurus Breeding Pit deck you decide to use, it’s sure to offer you lots of control over both lanes. Good luck out there!