Monthly Card Reveal: Battlereeve of Dusk
Dire Wolf Digital
November 21, 2016

Keywords are a core part of The Elder Scrolls: Legends. Defensive decks use Guard creatures to defend themselves, aggro bursts in with Charge creatures, and if you’re in a pinch and low on life, Drain can push things back in your favor. However, despite the wide range of keyword creatures that see play, decks built around granting keywords have been off the radar. Welcome Battlereeve of Dusk.

The immediate combo with Battlereeve of Dusk is creatures with lots of keywords. Cards like Fighter’s Guild Recruit, Evermore Steward, and Giant Bat certainly pull their weight with Battlereeve. One subtle piece of Battlereeve’s strength is that stat bonuses are often better on creatures with keywords. +1/+1 to a Drain creature like Giant Bat is going to have more value than it would to a normal creature.

Battlereeve also works with cards that grant keywords. Lesser Ward, Improvised Weapon, and Legion Shield are all cheap ways to give your creatures additional abilities.

The most ambitious way to exploit the power of Battlereeve is with cards that provide team-wide keywords. Wisdom of the Ancients, Royal Sage, and Mentor’s Ring can help Battlereeve give huge buffs to your team.

If you happen to pick up a Battlereeve of Dusk in Arena, prioritizing keyword cards a bit higher could lead to some really powerful plays. Fortunately, most keyword cards are already pretty good in arena, so this shouldn't be a problem.

Until next time, may keywords unlock success.