Letter from the Devs - November 2016
Dire Wolf Digital
November 2, 2016


We’re writing today to let you know of some exciting changes to the game that will be coming soon. In our last letter we said we were looking at some constructed changes and would be discussing them at a later time, so we wanted to give you an update on some of them today.

We think these changes will help Legends continue to have a vibrant competitive community for all players and skill levels. We’ve outlined these changes below with a brief explanation of the thinking behind them. As always, the game is in beta, and everything below is subject to change.

Tazkad the Packmaster to 9 cost

At 9 cost, Tazkad will still be a very strong and resilient card, but won’t be as consistently devastating as it used to be.

House Kinsman to 3/2

House Kinsman's ability to swing life in addition to its powerful body felt like a bit much. At 3/2, it will still create big swings, but won't be able to eat 2 power creatures and will be vulnerable to Firebolt.

Twilight and Moonlight Werebat to 4/2

At 4/3, Moonlight Werebat was an absolutely devastating Prophecy against aggressive decks. At 4/2, it will still be incredibly effective, but is less likely to immediately eat a creature after being hit with Prophecy.

Brilliant Experiment to 3 cost

Brilliant Experiment was a little too efficient. At 3, it will feel like a real cost to clone your best creature.

Elusive Schemer to 3/1

Cards that create long term card advantage are always dangerous. We felt Elusive Schemer was a little too strong at 4/1.

Divine Fervor to 5 cost

Spellsword token decks were winning a little more than we were comfortable with, particularly among newer players. In addition, Divine Fervor was the best epic Arena card by a wide margin. Moving it to 5 cost should leave it in a better place for both Versus and Arena.

Apprentice Potion and Healing Potion to 2 cost

While 1 cost gain 5 health may look innocuous, health gain is very powerful with the rune system. The strategy of taking damage and drawing cards before using health gain to go back up is incredibly powerful, and can be frustrating to play against. By pushing Healing Potion to 2 cost, players will be incentivized to play it earlier in the game and more likely to cast it off Prophecy.

Nahkriin to 9 cost and text change to "Summon: Draw a card and reduce its cost to 0.

Nahkriin's ability was limiting our future design space too much, so we decided on a redesign that retains the spirit of the original, but takes away the ability to consistently cast cards of any cost on turn 10. 

Wrothgar Artisan to 2/3

We wanted to provide a slight buff to Orc decks because of their underperformance in Versus play. We landed on Wrothgar Artisan because the card plays well and encourages a more midrange strategy for Orcs.

Morkul Gatekeeper gains Prophecy

We wanted to give Strength another Prophecy option, as well as provide an additional small buff to Orc decks.

Dunmer Nightblade makes Iron Sword instead of Steel Sword

We were a little unhappy with the burstiness of Dunmer Nightblade, and it was a little odd that a 2-power creature was giving out a 3-power sword. This change should improve both its gameplay and aesthetics.

Allena Benoch deals damage to anything

This minor buff brings Allena Benoch in line with other archery creatures that are allowed to deal damage to the opponent.

Volendrung gains Breakthrough

We added Breakthrough to Volendrung's effect to create a viable option for Strength players looking for different types of late-game surprises.

We love reading player feedback. We read it every day on the Bethesda Forums, Reddit, streams and videos. Speaking of feedback, we’ve totally renovated the Bethesda forums based on your input! Come visit the new forums today and share with us your thoughts on the above changes that are coming soon. Until next time.