Legendary Races – Redguards and Nords
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May 27, 2016

Deckbuilding possibilities in The Elder Scrolls: Legends are limitless. You can choose cards from any combination of up to two attributes – Strength (red cards), Agility (green cards), Intelligence (blue cards), Endurance (purple cards) and Willpower (yellow cards) – and combine them into a deck. Each attribute pair has a theme associated with one of the races of Tamriel. These themes can give you a starting point when building decks, but they only scratch the surface of what’s possible.

This week, we will begin looking at an overview of each of these themes, starting with two Strength-based races: Redguards and Nords. All races appear across two attributes (Strength + Intelligence = Redguards and Strength + Willpower = Nords) and those attributes define many of the cards’ characteristics. You can learn more about all of the Attributes in this feature. Strength is the common factor between the Redguards and the Nords, and it guides much of their identity. Strength creatures might not always have the strongest defenses, but they are certainly the heaviest hitters.  

En Garde!

Redguards come well-equipped for battle, with a focus on item cards that make them strong fighters and potent threats. You play items directly onto your creatures and they add power, health and even abilities to those creatures.

When you play the Skilled Blacksmith Redguard card, you can lower the cost of items, giving you the chance to play a card like Heavy Battleaxe as early as turn three. Equipping the Skilled Blacksmith with this card gives you a 6/4 creature, which is a fantastic way to start a match. By combining Redguards and item cards, you can overpower your opponent with a succession of large threats.

In addition to the Redguards that benefit from being equipped with items, there are also Redguards that bring those items into battle with them. Summoning a Crown Quartermaster, for example, will place a 1-cost Steel Dagger into your hands that can be given to any other creature. Combine this with the Rihad Horseman (who gains a significant boost when equipped with any item) to take him from 2/2 to 6/2, allowing you to gain the upper hand early in the battle. Expect to see other Redguards that further this theme, some with twists of their own on item-based deck building.

Breaking In

Redguards also have a lot in common with Nords; they are both part of (and defined by) the Strength attribute. However, whilst Redguards look to you to supply them with items, Nords come ready and willing to face down your enemies and can benefit greatly from destroying Runes.

Aggression is key to commanding the Nords, as your creatures grow stronger and give you benefits for pressuring your opponent. Every destroyed enemy Rune gives you an advantage and, depending on how you’ve built your deck, those advantages can become insurmountable.

Not all Nords care directly about Runes, but they do lean toward the aggressive end of the spectrum, and cards like the Helgen Squad Leader and the Nord Firebrand form a deadly duo. You can instantly boost the Helgen Squad Leader’s attack power by dropping a zero-cost Nord Firebrand with Charge on the play mat.

Ten of a Kind

These are just the first two of the color pairs we’ll be covering, and each of the remaining eight has its own theme and player race from The Elder Scrolls. With attributes and classes to fit any playstyle, which will you choose?

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