Legendary Races – Khajiit and Imperials
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July 1, 2016

Willpower is one of the five attributes in The Elder Scrolls: Legends. As they often don’t contain the largest creatures, Willpower decks rely on clever tactics and overwhelming numbers to outmaneuver heftier foes. In our second entry in the Legendary Races feature series (you can read the first here), we will explore the themes of the Willpower attribute by taking a close look at two races: the Willpower- and Agility-based Khajiit and the Willpower- and Endurance-based Imperials.

Powerful Pickpockets

Khajiit use their stealth to steal from their opponent. Their core theme is Pilfer, which will grant you specific benefits when they hit the enemy player. But getting past your enemy’s line of defense so you can hit him with a Pilfer creature can be challenging and often requires strategic thinking. Hiding your Khajiit in the Shadow Lane can help keep them safe until they are able to attack. Agility also offers another way to help slip your Khajiit through your opponent’s defenses.

Cards like Shadow Shift and Dune Stalker can move your creatures between the two lanes. This gives your Pilfer creatures a way to dodge enemy Guards and potential attackers. Moving a creature to the Shadow Lane even grants it cover.

Army Builders

Where Khajiit may focus on Pilfering with one or two creatures, Imperials prefer to go wide with creatures and build a large board presence. Two lanes full of creatures can overwhelm just about any opponent.

Cards like Scouting Patrol and Midnight Sweep can create more than one creature with one card, which helps build your ranks. Casting a few of these cards, along with some cheap Imperial creatures, can lead to having five or six creatures by turn four. Spreading your creatures between both lanes makes it even harder for your opponent to control the swarm.

Many Willpower and Endurance cards work well with a large army. With a Divine Fervor out, Scouting Party offers four points of power for just one magicka. Disciple of Namira can turn a lane with a few 1/1s into three fresh cards, and her bonus will last until she is removed from play.

Whether you like winning through stealth or with a massive army, Willpower’s races offer something for you.  

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