Legendary Races: Bretons and Orcs
Dire Wolf Digital
August 15, 2016

Endurance-based creatures are built to last, and our two races for the fourth installment of the Legendary Races series are both incredibly resilient in very different ways. Where the Bretons rely on magic and tricks to outmatch their opponents, Orcs band together to buff each other and overwhelm their foes through force.


Each of the five attributes in The Elder Scrolls: Legends brings something unique to the table.  Intelligence gains an advantage through trickiness while Endurance shows off its resilience in combat.  Bretons lie at the intersection of Intelligence and Endurance and their main mechanic, Ward, captures both attributes perfectly.


The first time a creature with Ward is hit by any attack, it loses its Ward instead of taking damage. This makes creatures with Ward much more formidable in combat, as something simple like Windkeep Spellsword can actually take down two opposing creatures before being destroyed itself. Some creatures, like the Spellsword, come with Ward naturally, but there are also ways to grant Wards to other creatures, or even to replace a lost Ward that was used already.

Lion Guard Strategist and Elixir of Deflection both give you the ability to spread Wards around, protecting whichever creatures you see fit. While having a Ward is always an advantage, some creatures get extra mileage out of the mechanic.

Iliac Sorcerer will double its power whenever it loses a Ward. Similarly, Breton Conjurer will provide you with a 5/5 Atronach every time it loses a Ward. With Wards enabling such a range of outputs, you can choose just what kind of value you want to get out of Wards when building your deck.


In The Elder Scrolls: Legends, ten different races make for a lot of diverse strategies. Bretons are strong when battling alongside Nords, and Khajiit team up particularly well with Bosmer, but Orcs benefit the most when you build decks primarily around their race. Orcs specifically gain bonuses for being played with other Orc creatures.

Here we see Wrothgar Kingpin, who will get more powerful every time you summon another Orc. This rewards you for having an army of Orsimer at your side. Bangkorai Butcher just asks for a single other Orc to get its bonus, leaving you with a 4-cost 6/5 creature!

Orcs find all sorts of useful ways to be played with each other. Reducing the cost of Orcs in your hand allows Orc Clan Shaman to usher in some explosive starts, which really put your opponent on the back foot. And if you were looking for more Orc support, playing Chieftain’s Banner will do just that, buffing your Orcs in combat.

Of course, not every Orc needs to team up to be useful, but strength in numbers is definitely something you will be rewarded for in this Strength/Endurance pairing.

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