Legendary Races - Argonians and Wood Elves
Dire Wolf Digital
July 15, 2016

An Agility-based deck requires quick thinking and careful strategy, two things Argonians and Wood Elves are incredibly adept at. Both Wood Elves and Argonians share the Agility attribute, and both tend to rely on quickly going in for the kill before the opponent can mount a proper defense – whether that’s with the Argonians’ Lethal ability or the Wood Elves’ propensity for actions aimed at eliminating wounded foes. They might not always hit the hardest, but they make every strike count. In our third entry in the Legendary Races series, we’re looking into the themes associated with the Agility- and Endurance-based Argonians and the Agility- and Strength-based Wood Elves.

The Hissssst

Argonians are a race of mysterious swamp-dwellers who draw power from the Hist. In The Elder Scrolls: Legends, their connection to these sentient trees provide them with the ability to increase your magicka faster than your opponent.

Getting ahead on magicka allows you to bring powerful expensive creatures into play earlier than usual, which can overwhelm an unready opponent. Additionally, some Argonians get stronger as your magicka increases, providing even more of an advantage.

For the player who doesn’t like to wait, ramping up magicka can be a great way to quickly get all your cards in play especially the heavy hitters.

Into the Woods

Feared archers, Wood Elves wound their enemies with their sharpshooting before taking advantage of their weakened state to deliver the killing blow.

Cards like Sharpshooter Scout and Finish Off are able to deftly target enemy creatures, giving you an edge before they even know what hit them. While anyone can directly attack enemy units and use these cards to even the playing field against larger opponents, Wood Elves do it best. There are even cards like Grahtwood Ambusher and Falinesti Reaver, which can unleash a barrage of arrows and lay waste to multiple foes at once.

Depending on whether you like racing toward the finish with Argonians, or nimbly outmaneuvering your opponent with Wood Elves, the races of Agility can help you turn the tides of battle.

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