Introducing the Madhouse Collection
Paul Dennen
December 8, 2016

This month, we’re celebrating the Chaos Arena game mode by rolling out a set of promotional cards for The Elder Scrolls: Legends. The unique Madhouse Collection can be purchased with Gold or money in the Store. It consists of:

  • 1 legendary card
  • 2 epic cards
  • 6 rare cards
  • 1 common card
*The Madhouse Collection is available now for $9.99 (£7.99, €9.99, AUS $14.99)*

These cards aren’t randomized like a normal pack of cards; when you purchase the Madhouse Collection, you’ll receive 3 copies of each card in the set. You’ll also receive an Arena Ticket so that you can give Chaos Arena a spin, if you’d like. Note that the Madhouse Collection cards will be immediately added to all Arena modes, including Sheogorath’s bizarre Chaos Arena.

Today, I’d like to show you three cards from the Madhouse Collection.

The search for a wielder of a Ring of Imaginary Might is fairly straightforward – you’ll want creatures with low power but high health. For these creatures, the Ring provides a significant buff. For example, an Oldgate Warden (0/5 with Regenerate) would love to get his hands on this item. The Warden is normally a defensive, quiet fellow, but give him the ring and he’ll be drunk with power, smashing in as a 7/7 with Regenerate!

Gardener of Swords is a card that provides a new twist on item-based decks. Items tend to have some risk associated with them, because if your well-outfitted creature is destroyed by a single removal card, you’ve not only lost your creature but also the items you put on that creature. Gardener of Swords gets around this issue as two of your creatures become armed to the teeth at once! Perhaps the best part is that any item with a summon ability triggers twice. Want to draw two cards off of Enchanted Plate? Shackle two creatures with Mace of Encumbrance? Or how about silencing two creatures for the low-low price of a single Bone Bow?

Not every card in the set is a wacky homage to the Prince of Madness. We also included some cards to boost existing strategies. We saw an opportunity to give a new twist to the Orc tribe, a deck that has been a bit of an underdog these last few months. Stoneshard Orc provides a targeted removal option for players committed to the Orc strategy. In the right deck, this fellow can immediately take out some of those pesky creatures who like to hang out in cover or behind guards, you probably know the type. Cards like Bruma Armorer and Markarth Bannerman are prime audience members for Stoneshard Orc’s smashing entrance!

There are seven more cards in the Madhouse Collection, so be on the lookout for them early next week!

As always, have fun with the Legends open beta. May Sheogorath guide your path to some wild and fun gaming moments!

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