Introducing the Forgotten Hero Collection for Legends
Dire Wolf Digital
January 30, 2018

"Drip, drip, drip. Memory melts. I've futilely tried to freeze what I can, but what is Forgotten cannot be recalled. Only drips, glimpses of stories untold, remain. Memory melts into legend, but legend never dies." - Kellen

This month, join us in celebrating the end of the Forgotten Hero’s saga with a new set of promotional cards for The Elder Scrolls: Legends!

Available Thursday, February 1 for USD $9.99 or 1,500 Gold, the Forgotten Hero Collection includes 12 new collectible cards, including three unique legendaries, three epics, and six rares.

When you purchase the Forgotten Hero Collection, you'll receive one copy of each Unique card and 3 copies of each other card in the set. Like the stories behind these cards, much of the set will have to go untold for today, but we can provide a few glimpses.

For those willing to meet his demands, Morokei promises incredible power. "Restore a rune" is a newer effect first seen on The Mechanical Heart, giving you both another card and another chance at a Prophecy when the rune gets re-broken. Couple this extra card with gaining 5 health and a 5/5 body, and you are getting far more than 5-magicka worth of value out of Morokei. When you are being pressured, Morokei is likely to be the best possible card at turning the game back in your favor. But what of those demands? Only getting to play a single copy of the best cards is a price to pay, but how large of one? Is Morokei alone worth the cost? Fortunately, not all questions need answering, as though Morokei may be unique, he is not alone.

If you're looking to crush your opponents, you can expect this card to have a giant (heh!) impact. While particularly potent at clearing out swarms of smaller creatures, Cradlecrush Giant will prove to be quite effective even when dealing 2 damage to a single enemy. The Giant doesn't ask a lot of you or your deck; it just asks for enemy creatures to smash. If you are interested in building around Cradlecrush Giant, though, you'll find that you can do that too:

Ulfric is summoning creatures to his cause, and there's no shortage of spectacular Summon abilities in Legends. In addition to Morokei and Cradlecrush Giant, some of the biggest Summon effects you can find include stealing multiple creatures with Miraak, stitching together an army of Abominations with Mecinar, and of course using Laaneth to keep the Uprisings flowing.

To best use Uprising you want to get several creatures with Summons into play. To that end, cheaper utility creatures such as Murkwater Witch and Thieves Guild Recruit will also work well. Kagouti Fabricant and Golden Saint are doubly effective at producing bodies with Summons to take advantage of. Whether using it to Slay enemies, draw all the cards, fill your lanes, or something else entirely, Ulfric’s Uprising is sure to trouble Imperials and your opponents alike.

Before you heed Ulfric’s summons, however, you may want to wait and see what Tulius has to offer...

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