Interviewing Legends: CVH
Evan Berman
May 12, 2017

This week, we interview the subject of the latest Community Draft, CVH!

Tell us about yourself!

I’ve been streaming The Elder Scrolls: Legends since late July. In fact, in those nine months, I’ve taken less than two weeks off total, and streamed it every day since Christmas. I was living in a hotel for a few months from October to January due to a flood, so the logistics were a bit difficult. I also post daily videos on my YouTube channel for the game. My focus on both channels is improvement and learning in both high Legend laddering and Arena, and I pride myself on having helped build a very positive and helpful community on my Twitch channel for the game. It’s been an incredible amount of fun, and it has made my continued efforts to be able to create content full time one day be very enjoyable.

My website, Between The Lanes, is home to a variety of content from myself and many other content creators out there who have contributed guest content. Most notably, we also release a monthly Meta Snapshot for Legends, and the site houses my personal Arena Tier List.

How long have you been playing The Elder Scrolls: Legends?

I’ve been playing since late July; my first day playing the game was actually the very day the NDA was lifted and players were allowed to stream. Unfortunately, I hadn’t received a beta key for the game by that time and was quite disappointed, as I had planned on streaming the game for about a month prior, just reading about it and checking out the cards online. That morning, I figured I’d at least watch OTHER people enjoying the game if I couldn’t. I lucked out, though, and stumbled upon Erlexx’s stream out of many just as he was about to give away a beta key. I entered along with a bunch of others, as he had more than fifty or so people in the chat, and actually won the key, which was my first ever raffle win on Twitch!

I streamed my first playthrough of the story and pack openings that night, and the rest is history. Thanks again, Erlexx!

What is the story of your best match?

Out of the thousands of games I’ve played, it’s incredibly hard to narrow it down. That said, I have to give a special shout out to the Altar of Despair Assassin mirror match I played with Snaxximan shortly after the Madhouse Collection was released. It had to be one of, if not the most complex games of Legends I’ve ever played, and even though I navigated it super poorly on some turns, it turned out to be one of the most interesting games I’ve ever played thanks to Necrom Mastermind/Elusive Schemer combos, Balmora Spymaster, and Altar of Despair itself.

Which is your favorite class or attribute and why?

My favorite attribute is Intelligence. I’ve always been a fan of blue in any game I’ve played with a color system, and not just because I like the color - I enjoy the card-advantage and disruption the cards tend to offer, and Intelligence does not disappoint in those aspects in Legends. Sorcerer and Assassin are probably my favorite classes.

What is your favorite card and why?

Unsurprisingly, it’s from Intelligence: Lightning Bolt! My favorite cards tend to be the deceptively simple ones with a lot of versatility. This card can be used as removal or direct damage, and has the added benefit of being a Prophecy. While the effect really couldn’t be more simple, it’s the type of card whose existence benefits those who can play it well, save it for the appropriate time, and choose the correct targets. The more ways a card can be used, the more decisions you have to make, and I think that’s a great thing. Lightning Bolt does it perfectly and is also very satisfying to kill your opponent with.

How do you prefer to start building a new deck?

I like to have a plan and stick to it, much like I discussed in the video on the different styles of decks, choosing cards that allow me to accomplish that plan game after game. This is a really wide question since there are so many different types of decks out there, and the individual questions you ask along the way should be different depending on what deck you’re trying to build. When I’m completely new to a game, I like to browse existing top decks and see what concepts are already out there that I can explore and learn from.

What would you like to see added to the game?

From a design standpoint, I’m really not sure, although I have to say that the development team at Dire Wolf Digital has done an outstanding job so far. I think aesthetically, anything that allows for a bit more customizability would be good, such as animated portraits, card backs, different game boards, etc. The possibilities are pretty endless there.

My main hope isn’t really in the game itself, but moreso that a flourishing competitive scene can be built surrounding the game. I think Legends may in fact be the online CCG best suited for a tournament scene currently on the market, and having played in high-profile tournaments for various card games for the past decade, I firmly believe the tournament scene surrounding Legends could surpass them all. The game heavily rewards skill, the card design is intriguing, and games tend to have many interesting strategic moments as well as “hype” moments thanks to Prophecies and certain other cards that an audience would love. I’ve gotten to travel to and play in some pretty huge and exciting events in my time, and if the opportunity to do something like that again presents itself for Legends, I will be all over it.

Which other Elder Scrolls games do you play?

I’ve actually never played any of the other Elder Scrolls games (although I streamed Skyrim for about an hour once for a sub goal) nor have I extensively played any non-CCG video games that came out in the past ten years. I first started playing card games when I was nine and basically got hooked. I love the strategy involved and honestly have dedicated so much of my time to them that I really haven’t had much of an interest or time for anything else.

Anything else you’d like to share with the community?

I’d like to offer my sincerest gratitude to anyone who has ever viewed any of the content I’ve put out over the last nine or so months. It’s been quite the journey so far, and I often say that content creators are nothing without people out there to enjoy the content itself. Thanks to the people who have supported me through and through, we have hit some very surprising milestones and I’m looking forward to what the future holds for this great game as well as my own content. Hopefully, in the months and years to come, I’ll have the opportunity to meet many of you in person!

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