Interviewing Legends: BradfordLee
Evan Berman
May 19, 2017

This week, we interview the subject of the latest Community Draft, BradfordLee!

Tell us about yourself!

On YouTube, I make three videos per week with the focus of helping players grow and have fun with Legends. Every week I try to introduce at least one new deck to my audience through my videos and then discuss its merits as a competitive deck as well as its merits as a fun (or casual) deck. I often discuss some of the more complex or hard-to-master archetypes in the game. Then, I make a point to put out game play videos on my YouTube channel so that anyone can get an understanding of how these decks function or how to adapt your play style to be effective with these decks.

On Twitch, I stream five days a week starting at 8:00 PM PDT. I am normally playing my favorite decks or trying out new decks to see how good they are in relations to the “meta”. My Twitch channel is full of veteran and new players alike and thus I, or the Twitch Chat, often go on long tangents to help new players understand the game or help intermediate players level up their game play. I like to focus my stream on playing competitive yet fun decks and bantering with the regulars. However, I also make a point to showcase Arena runs so that players get better at Arena and thus can more effectively build their collections.

How long have you been playing The Elder Scrolls: Legends? 

It’s hard to believe but I have been playing The Elder Scrolls: Legends for nearly 10 months now. I started playing in August 2016, the early stages of the games beta testing, and immediately fell in love with the game and its fantastic community.

What is the story of your best match?

In the past, I loved playing a Control Spellsword deck designed by the player and streamer Scwiddy. It featured the cards “Imperial Might” and “Necromancer’s Amulet”. The deck would use Necromancer’s Amulet to gain ridiculous amounts of health. In most games, I would gain round 100 – 200 health. It was so hard for your opponent to defeat you! However, it was also very hard for this deck to win as it didn’t have a lot of threats.

In one game, I ran out of ways to win since my opponent answered every threat I had in my deck. However, my hand was full of cards that removed their cards; my only route to victory was running them out of cards! The game went for another 10 turns and we finally got to the point where my opponent and I were out of cards. By the time that we both ran out of cards I was at 126 Health and hadn’t broken a single rune! So, I took 101 life from not having a card to draw. My opponent ended up running out of runes the next turn!! It was hilarious and super fun to play that game.

Note: When your deck is out of cards you instead break your first rune and set your life total to be equal to that rune. You repeat this process until you are out of runes to break. You then lose the game.

Which is your favorite class or attribute and why?

My favorite class is Mage (Blue/Yellow). I’ve always been a fan of control archetypes and when I first started playing Mage had a very fun and competitive control deck. So, I gravitated toward Mage and have stuck with it. Today I love Control Mage because it has many different builds for the deck which allows it to adapt its strategy based on the games meta.

What is your favorite card and why?

My favorite card has got to be Altar of Despair. When Altar of Despair was released with the Mad House Collection it opened up all kinds of decks centered around getting value from Altar of Despair. Additionally, Altar of Despair is a “tool box” card which means it can be used to search for cards that are in your deck. I love being able to use two card combos by finding cards off my Altar of Despair.

How do you prefer to start building a new deck?

I like to start by picking a card I want to build a deck around. Next, I look through my collection for the strongest cards I have in the colors I’m playing. Then, I go back and look for cards that pair well together. Finally, I test it out for a few games and either abandon it and start over or begin to refine what I may have discovered!

What would you like to see added to the game?

With the release of new sets, I’m always excited to see how that will change the Arena format. It would be cool to have a new set that rotated out old Arena cards and focused the new cards toward making a new and more dynamic Arena experience.

Having the ability to see where other Arena players rank in relations to myself would also be really cool. Perhaps these two arena changes could be introduced at the same time!

Anything else you’d like to share with the community?

Premium Enraged MudCrab is OP.

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